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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Do You, the Viewers at Home, Think?

I have all this lovely yarn. Well, this yarn, and then some. Then a LOT of some.This is just my handspun. I have lots more purchased yarn, alpaca and wool and blends and just all sorts of things.

I usually just let it sit around and wait till it speaks to me.

Sometimes it doesn't speak for a long time, so it just sort of accrues.

I've been spinning a few years, and I think I've gotten better at it. I've been knitting since 2005, I think, and I consider myself an intermediate level knitter. 

My biggest problem is laziness; I hate pulling back yarn when I've made a mistake, particularly when using handspun. I think I'm pretty good with small-scale stuff, like fingerless gloves and hats and scarves. I still have gauge issues, but that also goes back to laziness.

So what this long-winded post is getting at, is that I'm thinking of opening an Etsy shop. For small stuff, wristlets and mittens and slippers and socks, baby items, things that will use up the yarn I have laying around.

What do you all think?

In other news (yawn) I'm still working on the (YAWN) brown cabled sweater...yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn....

I'm not bored with it, not really. 

Just sort of looking forward to having it done, is all. I want to start a dozen projects, but I don't want to put this one down until I've finished it. I don't want something this large sitting around unfinished.

I've also been working on the scarf, and spinning up the Marigold yarn. I hope to finish the Marigold yarn this week, and then start in on what I really want to be spinning....

This fabulousness has been calling me for weeks now, but since I'm making cabled yarn with the yellow-orange, I can't spare a bobbin! Four-ply cabled yarn takes up SEVEN bobbins! I only have seven bobbins, so I can't do anything until I at least get everything double-plied. Then it'll only be three bobbins, and I can start in on this 8-ounce beauty.

I will have to spin it a bit heavier than I normally spin, to preserve those lovely color variations.

So happy Fiber Arts Friday to everyone, and don't forget to go check out what the WonderWhyGal is up to!

(I think if it weren't a stick shift, they'd have figured out how to drive it already.)


  1. I think the sweater looks amazing!

    I'm curious what others thoughts are on the Etsy shop too.

  2. having benefitted from your lovely yarn exuberance (and seeing that even MY family can't use it all up!) I vote go for it. LOVE the sweater and how it is working out. You're awesome to have in our lives - and NOT just for the knitting. :) If you Etsy, I'll put a link on my blog for you too!

  3. Lovely yarns, I am finding I have trouble using up my handspun too, it is my challenge for next year. Etsy shop wise, why not try it, you can list as many things as you fancy and see how it goes

  4. The sweater is great! Why not? It doesn't cost to open an Etsy shop. See what happens.

  5. Hahaha...love your cat photos!!
    I think it's a shame to have beautiful fiber just 'sitting in the corner, waiting to be asked to dance'!! Try Etsy and see how it goes!

  6. Those colors are beautiful. Have you knit up the MOODY KERCHIEF? It is on ravelry and I have done it once, currently working on a second one and it is fun to mix the colors in different rounds. Check it out! It would be a great way to use your browns and yellows.

  7. Oh do give Etsy a try, you've nothing to lose. Your yarn is gorgeous, if you feel you just have too much I can always find a home for it here :)

  8. Just getting started on Etsy myself so I say, yes, you should give it a try. Curious about 4 ply cable yarn....I'm not sure what that is.

  9. That fibre looks amazing, can't wait to see how it comes along when you get chance to spin it :)

    Would you sell your handspun in your potential etsy shop, or just ready made items? I think handspun as well would be great

  10. Opening an etsy shop is really easy. It does cost money to list items tho, but it's very cheap and they stay for a long time (like three months). there are also forums both on etsy and Ravelry for people to promote their shops. Give it a try and see if you like it!

  11. You could also try one of the other sites for selling that have no charge up to 10 items just to get your feet wet. Good luck

  12. I love that brown cabley goodness more than I can say. Then to lay that gold handspun on it...paradiso. I love scrolling down and seeing all the pretty colors you post in your photos. I do think I'd have to shoo those kitties off a cute bug like that though :-)

  13. I love the brown sweater, though I can sympathize with it taking a LOT of work. I love how cables work, I just don't especially like knitting them.

    As to the Etsy shop, why not -- but only if you enjoy making the things you are going to list there. The people who make money on Etsy are putting a lot of time and effort into marketing and making connections (from my limited view of it) and there is a lot of competition for small knitted/crocheted items. If you're having fun and any sales are in the nature of a bonus, then go for it. If it feels tedious or your expectations are high for the money side, it may not be worth it. Let us know what you decide -- and good luck!

  14. Wow, so inspiring.....everything. I am such a slow knitter, mostly due to lack of time even though I tote the projects everywhere with me :) I learned to knit in school as a child and then for some reason in high-school I put it aside (probably a reason like boys and horses...hmn) but recently I have picked it back up again and love every minuet I can grab!
    All the best to you,
    thanks for visiting my blog as well!


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