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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knit ALL the Things!

I have the worst case of start-itis ever! I want to knit everything ... I want to start a dozen projects all at once. It's like a fever!

I just finished spinning the marigold cabled yarn...

So now I have 7 empty bobbins!

I have no idea how much of this stuff I have. I used the niddy noddy to count, and the yardage counter. I got two entirely different numbers ... I wonder if the counter really counts in meters?

I was all set to spin up the fabulous purple, but then lovely Andrea of Wonder Why Alpaca Farm sent me the green-and-brown alpaca roving ... so it's entirely possible the purple bump will get bumped in favor of the green stuff!

I toil on the sweater of unrelenting brownness ...

Ready to start decreasing for armholes!

And I started a pair of top-down mittens with Wonder Why alpaca yarn that I spun up during Tour de Fleece.

I have decided to do the Etsy shop thing ... but since the copyright-licensing issue is such a difficult thing to figure out, I'm either going to make my own patterns (for scarves, socks, mittens, that isn't beyond my abilities) or request permission from the pattern owner.

There was just no figuring it out. One thread from the Ravelry Etsy group said it was fine, someone called the DC copyright office, and they said it was the words in the pattern protected, not the product of the pattern (sort of like baking from a recipe and then selling that baked item). Another thread was people viciously insisting that NO ONE ever had the right to sell anything they didn't design themselves. One woman even insisted no one had the right to sell something they knit from being inspired by one of her patterns. 

For Ravelry patterns, it's easy to find the designer and ask permission. I think I could manage simple baby items, as well. In any case, I shall flex my creative muscles, which always makes me happy happy!


  1. Your yarn and the sweater look great. Selling knitted items on Etsy is a tough one.

    You'll never get everyone to agree on that issue. I say just go with your gut on what feels right to you.

  2. ooooh! I am so glad you got your roving. I decided on the green because it was a color I don't see you usually spin and I really like how this blend looks in handpsun.

    Yes, I have heard/read all the comments too. I have also talked to people who write patterns. I agree with the Betty Crocker way. You bought the pattern to do with as you wish. If anything, you are promoting the pattern for the writer. Geez, life is too short.

  3. I agree with Wonder Why. And the woman who says "One woman even insisted no one had the right to sell something they knit from being inspired by one of her patterns. " Please. She obviously had inspiration to write a pattern. Where did that spark come from?? Go for it! Flex those muscles Arnold!

  4. It looks like you have been busy, lovely projects

  5. Beth--That marigold yarn is absolutely mouth-watering!! XXO-

  6. Ugh, that whole pattern thing is screwy. If the pattern isn't free and I used it to sell something I usually sell that item at a craft show and not online. I doubt they'll ever find me that way :)

  7. I am with you on the too much goodness to stay focused on any one (or any few) projects.

    And thanks for sharing what you've found about selling on Etsy. I've thought about it as well but the legality/courtesy issues are just so confusing. My plan is to start locally then consider branching out to online.

  8. Copyright seems to be the oldest debate in the cyber knitting world. I think it's the minority of designers that would not allow people to use their patterns and sell the product. Good luck with the shop!

  9. Absolutely love the cables and that marigold yarn makes my heart beat fast.


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