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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stop Me Before I Cast On Again...

My case of start-itis has developed into full blown WIP addiction.

I started (and finished!) this...

It was meant to be a hat. I was going to pick up and knit around the top edge and make a full hat out of it, but I think the cable is too wide for that to look good. So it's probably going to be an ear warmer.

The fiber is the Wonder Why alpaca from Wonder Why.  It's super warm, and as always, soft and squishy and comfortable. I might make a version out of less chunky yarn to put in my imaginary Etsy shop.

This is my first serious effort to spin a sort-of bulky yarn. I normally go for thin (because it's easiest and because I get more yarn that way) but lately I've been wanting to make heavier yarn for warmer items. Hats, mittens, etc. I did all right, still had some slubs in spots ... I personally don't like thick-and-thin yarn, so I tried real hard to pull the slubs out! I wanted it to be thick, though, so I wouldn't lose the amazing color changes.

Here is another WIP:

This is one of the rare times I'm using alpaca yarn that I *didn't* spin myself. This is Paca-Paints, manufactured in Peru and dyed in the US, by The Alpaca Yarn Company. Purchased at Shepherd's Purse Alpaca farm in Mt. Airy, MD.

This yarn is fabulous. I love it. I can't get enough of knitting with it. I even stayed up late working on it.

It's soft, and the colors are just wonderful. I think it makes a fabulous mitten. The mittens might go in my imaginary Etsy store, too, but I'm not sure ... I knit part of them on dpns, and there are noticeable ladders in a few spots. I will try to fix it with gentle blocking, but if I can't, I won't try to sell them.

I got the pattern from "One Skein Wonders" but I modified it (added ribbed hem). It's a very basic and super-easy bottom-up mitten. Normally I make top-down mittens, so I know exactly how wide it needs to be, but I don't like the pointy tip on those!

The sweater continues. I held the two sides up to the recipient on Thanksgiving Day, and I think it will be just slightly baggy on him. I am nervous about doing a good job with the seams ... I really want them to look professional.

In spinning news ... I'm going to start spinning this lovely lady today. I'm not sure yet what approach I'll take with the colors, but I'm going to try for a light and lofty yarn. It's so pretty ... makes me think of the planet Neptune

(Fun fact: Neptune is often included in category with the gas giants, but is really an ice giant. Also, it's orbit is "perturbed." I often feel "perturbed" so I like this fact :-)

And of course ... the obligatory Turkey Shot.

We had Tofurkey ....

And Turkey.

Much fun was had by all.

Now, that horrible, hurried, not-peaceful frenzy known as the Christmas Shopping Season is upon us, and I am hunkering down and ignoring all of it. The horror stories have already started (adults behaving like spoiled brats in retails stores), so I am going to focus on faith and hope, and try to tune out the madness.

Peace and goodwill!


  1. LOL I have so many things in my head that I want to make but I haven't started anything yet. I need to get in gear!!! Love the pic of your kitties!

  2. Always so much yumminess. :-)

    I like the cable hat/headband. I made a similar one. I love how it looks but it's a little shallow. I think next time a wider cable pattern.

    Happy Holiday weekend. :-)

  3. LOVE how that yarn turned out and it will be super sassy as ear warmers. The mitts are beautiful too. The roving you have to spin is gorgeous...hopefully you can get a thicker yarn with that.

  4. Love how you talk about your imaginary etsy store. I once knitted a cabled headband, but when it was long enough I didn't want to cut the yarn, so I kept knitting. By the time the yarn ran out it was long enough to go around my shoulders, so I picked up on the side and made it into a little poncho.

  5. Beautiful yarns. I have absolutely no luck with spinning thick, I may make that a challenge for next year

  6. Hey Beth :D
    That fibre (neptune) looks gorgeous. And I love the way those mitts are coming out (I don't see any ladders or anything wrong)

    Have fun this Holiday season.



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