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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Opposite of the Midas Touch

Okay, the stripey hat was a bust. I finished it ... and it looked like a giant stripey condom. Complete with reservoir tip. I bought all that lovely Cascade yarn, intending to do some Brioche. Brioche kicked my butt, so I moved on to Entrelac. Ditto the butt kicking. Then the hat. I have pulled apart and re-skeined this yarn so many times ... So now I really really REALLY want to use up this darn yarn, before I start to think of it as cursed. I had to have something fairly easy, because apparently this batch of yarn inhibits my ability to knit anything.

I have the Cascade Yarn 60 Quick Baby Knits. I found this:

A faux-quilty baby blankety thing. I love knitting or crocheting stuff to sew together.

Ta-da! Five squares down. Dunno how many more to go. I'm certain that I don't have enough of this Cascade yarn, so I might have to either use some of the other non-purply colors I have laying around ...

Or go buy more.


I'm hoping to make a nice wooly baby blanket with this nice yarn, then give it away and pretend I never saw it.

On the up side ... it's warm outside! I know Baltimore won't be warm enough to truly garden until May, but I put my vegetable and herb seedlings in the biodome yesterday, and I've been stalking around the yard yanking up weeds. Henbit and chickweed ... why do poultry-themed weeds grow so prolifically in my yard?! I'm a vegetarian, dammit!

Since my garden is looking better than my knitting ....

Bleeding Hearts that come up every year.

Clematis ... this year it will be joined with Black-Eyed Susan vine, for which I have 75 seeds ... thanks, Parks ...

Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the bag of catnip seeds. Turns out, I was actually planting cats.

At least it was a variety-pack.

Coraline is mighty impressed. 

Buh-bye! Thanks for stopping in. Don't forget to visit the lovely Andrea for Fiber Arts Fridays Fun! 


  1. I was trying to wait to read this until tomorrow, but the first line caught my attention... so sad there's no photo. Just kidding... maybe just a little relieved there's no photo. ;-)

    I think giving it away and pretending you never saw it sounds like a good plan.

    AND I love that you seem to plant cats every year. ;-)

    Happy Spring!!

  2. oooh, I hope the gift of giving takes the curse off of this yarn. Now I need to go visit my bleeding hearts. They may be my favorite spring plant...that bleeds in to summer.

  3. Welcome to spring! Let's hope it sticks. I totally understand your cursed yarn dilemma. I'm still debating frogging that hat I made a couple weeks ago and making something else with the yarn. Your squares are pretty and I'll be the blanket is going to be so toasty & warm. Just be sure to pass along washing instructions with it;)

  4. I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop:

  5. Hahaha...I love the 'cat sprouts' in your garden!
    I 'feel your pain'. I had a terrible table runner that I dyed bright PINK and then hated several years back that I couldn't wait to rid myself of.
    ...come to think of it, I think Andrea has it now!! :)

  6. LOL at your opening....what a mental pic it conjured up. Hope all continues to go well with your latest try with the troublesome yarn. I think I'll be having visions of your "condom" hat all day....it'll keep a smile on my face!

  7. Your cats growing made me laugh so hard... too funny. Hate when a yarn project goes awry and all you want to do it be rid of it. :) Pretty blanket though.

  8. Cute post, you have the greatest sense of humor! I love the baby blocks, those are great colors and I love your garden shots, it does make me miss my own little garden I left behind. If we were neighbors, I would share these plants with you, violas, pink Lilly of the valley, forget me nots, ferns, sweet woodruff, sea pinks and english daisies oh and of course regular daisies!

  9. I love the title of this post! Can't wait to see your blanket. :)

  10. The baby blanket looks like a nice quick knit, I'm sure once you finish it you'll feel quite accomplished.

  11. Funny pictures of the cats. They do like their catnip!

  12. You are too funny! I loved the gardening section. Your baby blanket will nice great, even if you have to buy more yarn. I am often the same way with the things I knit--as soon as they are done I want them gone gone gone!

  13. I found your blog by accident, but I sure am glad I did.
    I really like the pattern (picture of "five squares done") you knitted in Cascade yarn. Would you share the pattern(s)?

    Thanks for reading,

    1. Hi Ann! The pattern to which you refer is a patchwork blanket, from the book "60 Quick Baby Knits," which is for Cascade yarns. On ravelry, the link is http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/patchwork-blanket-14

      Thanks for visiting!

    2. Thank you! I'm thinking dish cloths so I don't have to sew.


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