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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break

This is how I decided to celebrate the end of my workplace's 10-week fitness challenge. My team, the aptly-named Team Guinness, lost 70 lbs. The workplace lost 4,000!

I'm not going to drink all those at once, of course ..

Let me get in my l'il bit of knitting, so this can be a proper knitting blog:

I think I've added a few since last blog ... I was home sick Monday, so I got a few more done. There are 15. I think I need six million.

I've been busy not just with the exercising and healthy cooking and knitting, but with obsessively watching my perennials coming in:

Bleeding Hearts, a favorite of mine. They grow so quickly, then poof, before Summer is even here, they're gone! It's a fleeting Spring beauty. It's so cheerful to see it coming up in the front yard, when it's still chilly. I went out and covered it the other day when it got down to freezing. What did I cover it with? Why, a hand-crocheted granny-square blanket, of course. What, did you think I'd just throw an old tarp over it?

Clematis, another favorite. Buds all over it, but they won't bloom for a few weeks. This thing really takes over the front yard, and I really don't know what to do with it once it gets going.

One of two blueberry bushes. I'll have blueberries in just a couple weeks!

And, my doggie barking at me because I was taking her picture when I should have been taking her for a walk. Duh.

Have a happy Fiber Arts Friday! As always, thanks to Andrea for hosting us, and please stop by and see what everyone else is doing! 


  1. I LOVE bleeding hearts. Mine are getting ready to pop soon!

    I am still sending you the yarn, it's just been a busy week so you'll have two more colors to add to your squares. I promise...TGIF!

  2. Bleeding hearts are beautiful, thanks for sharing. You have quite the growing stash of squares! I still have a square project that's now 2 years old I haven't finished. Best of luck.

  3. Beautiful bleeding hearts, thanks for sharing.

    That is quite the stash of squares you are starting to get. I have a square project 2 years old that I still haven't finished, best of luck on yours.

  4. Bleeding hearts are one of my favorites too. My mom tells me that my great-grandma loved them and grew lots of them. So every time I see them, I think of my great-grandma (who I had the pleasure of knowing until I was 12).

    Beautiful squares! I can't wait to see it all finished.

  5. I love bleeding hearts too. I tried to grow them in ABQ, but they didn't do well there. I'm going to have to see if we can grow them here.

    I must say that I'm surprised that Team Guinness is not drinking Guinness. Congratulations on the weight loss... that's a great accomplishment for you, your team and your workplace. :-)

  6. I'm with Kathryn - break out the Guiness - that's an amazing accomplishment. You and your team must be super pleased.

    You get the award today for best use of a granny square blanket. The buds thank you. I don't think I've ever seen blueberry blooms, so thanks for that photo.

  7. Your garden looks very happy! And your stacks of squares is very impressive and quite pretty, I love those colors!

  8. Looks like your stack of squares is growing! Beautiful pictures on your garden.

  9. Six million squares would make a good sized blanket, albeit laundering might be a bit of challenge.

    Great job on the weight loss!

  10. Love me some Sam Adams! Most especially Octoberfest. And then there is Bell's Oberon, ah, too bad they're are only seasonal.

    Your perennials are looking good. Doesn't it make you almost giddy to think in a few short weeks they'll be all bloom

    Go to my stash in Ravelry, handspun and look at the Spin Madness. It is Navajo plied. There is a great video of how to do it. I'll try to remember to include the linky in my FAF post next Friday. It takes a little practice and isn't a good thing to do if you're in a hurry.

    Give your doggie some pets from me and the crew here.

  11. I just moved some bleeding hearts in hopes they'll grow better in their new spot. I love them. Good luck with the squares too... I still don't have the patience to attempt motifs, even though I really want a crocheted throw for my bed. Gah. One day.


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