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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh, I Almost Forgot ....

My reason for living.


This year, the festival is on 5 and 6 May. Just a month from now! OH MY GOSH! I had not thought about it yet this year because I've been so obsessed with other things, but today I remembered it. My supervisor at work was discussing weekend availability, and I said I was normally free except for the first weekend in May, because that was the annual sheep and wool festival. As you might imagine, he laughed, but not in a you're-such-a-freak way.

If you're curious, here is the link to my adventures at last year's MD Sheep and Wool Festival.

I can't believe it's just a month away!

In honor of the upcoming festival (and because I still have a LOT of unspun fiber from last year's purchases), I picked up an abandoned project ...

This is some heavenly merino, which I am spinning with matching cotton crochet thread. It's very loose, the merino is barely drafted and spun clockwise, then twisted counter-clockwise with the thread. It's as soft as you think it is.

Same stuff, outside, where it inextricably changes color.

And inside again. Isn't it lovely? I loves it. It's my current precious.

And, I finally made that gym-bag-jewelry-keeper, but not from the silk matawa. I decided to use up some old bamboo and bamboo-corridale that I spun ages ago.

It's about the size of a deck of playing cards, with a drawstring.

That silk matawa is going to haunt me if I don't put it to good use.

And my other big deal ... I've signed up for the 5k portion of the Athleta Iron Girl Half Marathon and Co-ed 5K event at the end of April. I finally feel confident enough in my jogging abilities to go out in public and let people see me huff and puff. My friend who just ran the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in D.C.  has signed up for the half-marathon portion of the Iron Girl. Then there's another 5k at work, the week after the Sheep and Wool Festival. Then I'm probably done until the weather gets cool again in September or October. It gets very humid here in the warmer months.

Thanks for dropping by! Don't forget to stop by Andrea's for Fiber Arts Friday!


  1. That new yarn is gorgeous. It will be fun to see what you make with it.

    Oh my what a weekend... Cinco de Mayo, KY Derby, MD Sheep&Wool... :-)

    Congrats on committing to your first 5k. You'll enjoy it. :-)

  2. I love that merino/cotton thread spin - wonderful! I hope you get the weekend off so you can fully enjoy the festival.

  3. Beautiful spinning, the color is lovely! You are such an inspiration with all your healthy living!!!

  4. oooh, that yarn is yummy! I'm surprised you haven't knit it all up yet (says the woman with two bins full of yummy yarn). I'm excited for you to go the the festival. I wish I could go with you.

    I am so happy for you getting out there, losing weight and getting in shape. You are inspiring me.

  5. I'm envious about Maryland Sheep & Wool. I know we have Stitches West here, but it would be so nice to see the animals and be able to shop in natural light. Have fun in anticipation! :-)

  6. Have fun at the Sheep and Wool Festival. Sometime I am going to make it there. Just did Rhinebeck a few years ago and that was fun. Your blog is very well done - like the music!

  7. I like your blog - well done, good pictures and love the music!


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