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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Not-Quite-Finished-Object-Friday

It's so funny how I always have thoughts like oh, I'll have that finished well before the next Fiber Arts Friday, or, this project just needs a few more minutes and I'm done with it!

Never happens that way, does it?

Very close to being done, though. The side borders are halfway there ... pick up 160 stitches (I don't mind picking up 40 or so stitches, but picking up 160 is just ridiculous) and knit them, increasing every other row for 8 rows. I've done two sides. Two more to go!

Then I can tend to the fifteen thousand other WIPs I have languishing on the needles. I know two people having babies (Sept. and Nov.) and I have a lot of yarn to get rid of. And despite my griping, this is a very nice blanket and was not too much trouble to knit.

Don't forget to stop by Andrea's for Fiber Arts Friday! And on another note, I'll be running a 5k this Sunday morning, starting at 0730, in Columbia, MD. If you're up that early, spare me a thought ... I'm not fast, but I'm determined, and I am hoping this will be a successful run for me. My last 5k was mostly walking. I really want to get this one in under 39 minutes (like I said, I'm not fast).

Whatever. Turn off the *$&# light, already.


  1. I think your blanket is looking great!

    Good luck in your race on Sunday!!

  2. The blanket looks great and that is one adorable kitty pose :)

    Good luck with your run

  3. LOVE the blanket and it will totally be worth it once completed. I am so happy that the yarn I sent you worked out. It really helped POP the color. Good luck on your next race.

  4. That's a very nice looking blanket and it looks finished to me.

    Good luck on the race!

  5. Good luck at the race!
    The blanket looks great. Looks like it lovely and warm.

  6. So, so close to the end! I love doing the last little bit of work on blankets, when it actually looks like a blanket and the end is so clearly in sight.

  7. Wow, that is a lot of stitches to pick up and then you have to increase to boot. Kudos for hanging in there!

  8. That's a lot of stitches to pick up, I would have just knitted a border and sew it on, then of course, the sewing ....

    Good luck with the race! 39 minutes is very fast in my book.

  9. Oh that blanket gets better every time I see it! It is beautiful.

  10. I love the different-looking blocks (pardon my lack of terminology...I
    am not a knitter!) :)
    Good luck with your run!!!

  11. Your blanket turned out beautifully. Nice color combination and it looks nice and toasty. Good luck with all those picked up stitches. I think I'd be questioning my sanity on that project. :) Although I've been knitting a sock have the heel turned and now realize that I did the middle of the foot part incorrectly...I'll be tearing that back this evening. Give that kitty a couple of scritches from me.


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