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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Importance of Being Earnest...

...about paying attention to pattern instructions.

These are my WIPs:

In the middle is the Mandola Hat Cowl, which I am not knitting in the colorwork as the pattern dictates, but with this lovely Stroll yarn instead. Around it is the bare bones of the Nicky Epstein Bohus Swing Coat, which is quite a big project and I hope to have it done by Christmas. I could, if I'd stop adding more WIPs to the pile.

Anyhow, I carefully read ahead in each pattern to make sure I understood what was required of me. I cast on the hat-cowl, the appropriate size for my giant noggin -- 22 inches -- and was promptly dismayed that 84 stitches didn't even go around my head halfway. I cast on the larger size, 94 stitches ... same thing.

I am using the right weight yarn and the right size needles--well, no, because my 2.25 mm are busy, so I'm using 2.5mm. Or vice versa. Anyway, I cast on 100+ stitches, thinking I'd just have to wing it, and had  started knitting when I finally realized there might be something in the pattern to give me a clue.

Voila. 84 stitches is half the headband. The other half is knitted separately and joined later, so that it flips up like a brim. When will I learn?!

The Bohus Yarns

Apparently never. I cast on the Bohus not long after, and was soon fretting that the hundred-something stitches for the hem would in no way go around my hips. And it called for a decrease to 78 stitches as it went up. It's Cascade 220 -- not at all bulky. I was about to rip it out and cast on the next size up (thoroughly demoralizing myself, because I am so thrilled that when I knit stuff now I use the 2nd size from the left, and not the last biggest size!), when it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe ... I should check the pattern. Before I started climbing the walls.

Me climbing the walls

Voila the second. I was knitting the back. The sides came later. To be fair, every cardigan I've knit so far was all of one piece, so I didn't immediately think of panels. But all this confusion happens despite my reading ahead. So in the future, I will never again be so prepared.

In other news, I went to my favorite craft store, Joann's ... and discovered something that helped me thread beads onto knitting projects in a fraction of the time it was taking me.

Tapestry needle threaders!

I have broken six of the regular needle threaders, and then I continue to use the tiny wires until those break. But with tapestry threaders ....



So that is my week so far! Don't forget to stop by TamisAmis  for Work In Progress Wednesday!


  1. You remind me that I need to look for my threader.

    Congratulations on all of your ah-has. :-)

  2. Oooo. I like that tapestry needle threader! I'm going to keep a look-out for one the next time I venture into Joann's. I hope your re-knit of the sweater goes over better now that you have the pattern mastered. :-D I think we've all made the mistake of knit first, read later...It's just so exciting to cast-on. Who could blame us?

  3. Pretty colours you are knitting with! I'm sure you will have the coat done before christmas.
    I did a bit of wall climbing years ago in high school, but that wall was not as high as the one you are climbing. I don't think I would dare to climg that high...

  4. If you learn to read the pattern ahead you'll be the only knitter I know of that does :)
    Habits like that die hard!

  5. I've gotten ahead of myself and messed up more times then I care to remember..The cascase 200 yarns are fabulous colors!

  6. Yikes that wall! I'd break out a cold sweat just looking at it. I'm glad you figured out the patterns, I'd say the swing coat is knitted in the round if I don't know any better. Good for you to read ahead, I don't because I believe it'd confuse me, and I'd rather wait for surprises. haha!

  7. That threader looks like a really great one I'll have to be on the lookout next time I'm in Joann's. Those yarn colors are very pretty. Your pic of the wall climbing made me feel a little dizzy. Great job on the climbing!


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