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Monday, April 29, 2013

All Quiet on the Knitting Front

I haven't been posting much lately ... my love of Springtime 5k races has temporarily exceeded my love of knitting. Hopefully I'll get back in the knitting groove soon! The 40th Annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend, that will certainly jar me back into my love of stitchery.
(But I am also signed up to run a 6k in downtown Baltimore this same weekend....)

I'm still working on the same old bunting ...

The smaller piece is one of the front panels. It's not a difficult pattern, it's just that lately I don't sit down to knit very much.

The baby is due at the end of August, so there's lots of time.

If you're interested in my 5k adventures, stop by my other blog, where I've posted some photos of some of the 5ks from the last year!

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to visit Tamis Amis for Work in Progress Wednesday!


  1. I can see the bunting has grown a bit. Still pretty.

  2. The bunting looks great! If Maryland Sheep & Wool doesn't get your need to knit going I don't think anything can:)

  3. Very pretty knitting. It really is best to get outside when the weather is nice and have a good run. I mean, I imagine it is. I don't run, like, ever. :)

  4. Amazing projects and color! Your car looks so confy.

    Here's my WIP : http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-86/

  5. Bunting is looking really good!!! :-)

  6. I really admire all the 5k's you've done, not to mention the weight loss. I pat myself on my back if I could manage a 3 mile walk and finish it within an hour.

    I've heard so much about Maryland Sheep and Wool, one day in my life time I'm going to make it there.

  7. Thanks for the pictures of the MD Sheep and Wool. I'm sure you had a great time and that would put me back in a knitting mood too!


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