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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hold Everything!

....I gotta make some kilt stockings.

Fold-down top of Lace Me Up Kilt Hose
Ribbing for just below the cuff. 

This pattern was really big -- not just because kilt hose are for men, but apparently because the super-fine yarn I purchased (it says super-fine on the label, but I think what the pattern is using is much finer) is not really super-fine.  So I did some calculations, which was very easy for the cuff, but is a bit more challenging for the body of the sock. We'll see how it goes!

Edgar wants me to remind you to stop by Tamis Amis for WIP Wednesday. 
And when he looks at me that way, I pretty much do what he wants me to do.


  1. Wow! You are in for a LOT of knitting. The fold down part is really pretty. Can't wait to see your progress on these.

  2. Oh ! Those are beautiful ! I wish I had the time. I'm looking forward to seeing the FO.

  3. THey are going to be stunning!!!
    I love Edgar

  4. Wow, Kilt Hose, never heard of them before, although now looking at the image I have seen them before! I am going to be following these ;) Good luck with the length of the project.
    Marigolds' Loft


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