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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kilty Stockings

These just zoom along!

I'm nearly to the heel flapdoodle, but since I minused so many stitches to make it fit me, I have absolutely no clue how I'll proceed.

 Look at the very end of the stocking, to the left ... do you see something there in the last pattern repeat that isn't in the other pattern repeats? I messed something up ... either I did that one repeat wrong, or I did all the repeats wrong and that one was correct! 

I leave you with this picture of a doggie in a rufferee t-shirt. Don't forget to stop by Tamis Amis for WIPnesday!


  1. Soooooooooooo...does that mean you have to rip back? Or will you have to do the whole thing over again? Either way? NOT good. Hope it isn't too hard to fix.

    1. I figured out what I did wrong...I'll just have to do it wrong for both stockings! I'm not willing to start over when I have already knit ten inches!

  2. One mistake? Pfft. No one notices but you. Those kilt socks are gorgeous.

  3. BUt they are soooo pretty. You'll get through that heel in no time!

  4. They are looking fantastic so far. I really can't tell from the picture that there is a mistake. Are you knitting them two at a time? If not, I hope that you took notes in order to make a matching pair!
    Very cute rufferee!

  5. Those are so pretty! And I love the "rufferee" t-shirt! Too funny :-) My name is Heather and I wanted to know if you would be able to answer my question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!


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