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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Back on Track

Ok, I think I'm all right now. I've cast this on:

#27 Striped Tunic  from an old Vogue Knitting. 

I like that a number precedes the pattern. Kind of arty! I shall forgo the stripes, as I don't have other colors of yarn. 

I'm also making another #35 Textured Tam (These are really quick-to-knit hats and very flattering, I think). 

I don't know what happened to my Knitting Kmojo ... it just went on vacation, I guess. I seem to be back on track. Maybe I just needed a break. I got a lot of reading done, anyway.

My mother was very artistic, and always had projects going. Knitting, crocheting, weaving, ceramics ... you name it, she did it, and did it well. Below are two critters she made years ago. The doggie was painted to look like my (long-deceased) doggie Pancho. Pancho was a sort of rat terrier-blue heeler mix. She painted both dog and bunny with an airbrush or something like that. She was very talented.

I poured, cleaned, and painted my share of ceramics, but never anything this masterful. 

Okay, back to knitting and watching the Navy-Army game. 17-7 Navy (of course). 4th quarter, 11:47 on the clock. I couldn't tell you who any of the players are, because I really don't care. I only care that Navy wins! 

You got up. Deal with it. 

Hope you're keeping warm! 

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  1. Ohh I like the new cast on. I need that for my skinny jeans! Love the ceramics, wish I could paint ceramics!!!


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