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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Once upon a time, I was a size 2X (18).

Castle in Wales ... Newbury? Newton? 2010

I'd always kind of struggled with my weight, but that was primarily because I didn't really try hard to stay in shape, except for the 10 years I was in the military. 

Like too many servicemembers, I just let it go when I got out. 

Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Stratford, England, 2010

It was so much easier to just make excuses and not take care of myself. Size may not matter, but fitness and health do. And I had neither! 

In front of some rocks in Salisbury, England, 2010

Then in 2011, several different things came together, and I decided enough was enough. I started doing this ... 

Navy 5-miler, D.C., 2014

Didn't let the weather stop me.

Baltimore Celtic Solstice, 2013

Iron Girl Half Marathon, 2014

Navy 5-Miler, 2013

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run, Last Month

So, to get to the point .... I knit this "Bountiful Bohus" in 2010, from "More Big Girls Knit:"

I was so proud of myself for steeking for the first time! 

But ...

Here is how it looks on me now: 


I think the only thing to do here is unravel it, and reclaim 9 skeins of lovely Cascade 220 for some other purpose. I don't think I would get much usable out of the colorwork, but I should get at least all 7 skeins of the brown back. The sleeves alone are enormous. 

I'd like to make a skirt, and I think this sweater has more than enough yarn for that. 

So! What do you all think? Have you ever unraveled a large project before? 

We don't care, lady. Is it time to eat yet? 


  1. If you steeked it all the way up the front you will end up with pieces, not a continuous piece. I would felt it and make a pillow?

  2. That occurred to me after I started ripping. I will think of something to do with it. Colorwork or something.


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