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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Luckily, I'm a Knitter

...Because today was a day when great swathes of wool were necessary.

I wore all this, plus heavy boots and a heavy lined coat. Gloves under mittens, because as I get older, my fingers ache terribly when it's cold (and turn waxy and white, which disturbs me). Wristlets under my coat, because for some ridiculous reason all my sweaters are 3/4 length sleeves. Leg warmers over my jeans, because one layer of fabric is not sufficient when it's this cold!

The waxy-white-finger-thing ... kind of icky, right? Anyone else have this issue? This happened when I forgot my running gloves but was determined to run the 9-mile-run I had on my schedule. It was about 36 degrees, which I honestly thought wasn't too cold to go bare-fingered. Silly me!

It was 7F this morning ... -13C. Now that's average in places like Norway, home of one of my favorite knitting bloggers, Hege ... but for Baltimore, that is really cold! We get a week or so of "Arctic" weather every winter, and we rush about covering pipes and filling our gas tanks and such, but then the extreme chill passes and it's back to being around 35F (1C) during the day and mid-20s (-5C or so) at night. We got a few inches of dry powdery snow Tuesday, which had the chance to melt slightly before re-freezing, so it's just no fun to be out and about.

So I finished the Scandinavian Mittens, as you see ... just in time to wear them!

One is slightly larger. I have a tendency to knit very tightly, and I concentrated on knitting loosely when I was doing the 2nd mitten. However, the thumb-gussets are terrible. I have a rough time with picking up stitches.

I was going to start a baby dress next, but -- despite spending a lot of time selecting the yarn and pattern -- the yarn I selected is not a good fit. Rather than spin myself into knots trying to figure it out, I'm just going to be a quitter and make a baby blanket. I reason that it is a better gift, anyway; a baby dress would only be good a few months, but a blankie is forever!

That's what I tell myself, anyway ;-)

Cover me up and bring me a hot cocoa. And fluff my pillow. And read me a story. 


  1. Love the mittens! I too layer gloves under mittens, but use fingerless ones so if I need to use my phone I can take off my lined Fiddleheads to use my bare fingers. So really I have three layers on!

  2. brrrrr sounds very cold, yay for woollies!

  3. Oh my! Look at your cold fingers. Your mitts are stunning. If your gauge is different, I can't tell from the photo. I'm all layered up here too. Sometimes being in the Great Lakes State is as good as living on the East Coast for the cold and wind. Stay safe and warm.

  4. Your mittens are fabulous! Take care of your digits. You're gonna need them for your knitting :)


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