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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Day the Crab Grass Took Over

I wish I had something nice to post ... but the weather "cooled down" to 89 today, so I had to deal with the overgrown lawn. I didn't know crab grass grew as fast as Kudzu, and I was shocked -- shocked! -- to walk out back and see that I no longer had a back patio. And there are some eNORmous spiders in Maryland that like tall grass, I have discovered. Two hours dealing with that, and then reading for this week's homework assignment, left me with little time to knit (or spin, and I have a perfectly good bobbin of lovely BFL to ply). Here is another WIP:

Artfully posed on the new cat perch. This will hopefully be a multi-colored Entrelac blanket for a baby not yet born (I don't think I'm even supposed to know this friend is pregnant, but hey, people talk). I'm new to Entrelac, and I'm afraid it will be "gappy" if I only pick up the called-for 5 stitches each square ... any Entrelac experts out there? Anyway, if it doesn't work out, I'll frog it and start something more traditional for the baby. But, I'm rather fond of multi-colored, unique baby blankets ... right, Melissa? Here, I'll post another (it's crochet, don't kill me):

There's some newborn baby in the way, but you get the idea ;-).  It's a modified granny square pattern from a crocheted afghan magazine. The squares are entirely dbl, very easy and fast. It's supposed to look like a quilt. It's modified in that it was supposed to be the Around the World quilt pattern, and I changed it to diagonals, to match a beloved and tattered quilt from my grandma.

I suppose that's all for now, it's 9:50 and this spinster needs to get to bed. If you're here looking, I've added a guest book -- PLEASE sign it and give me some criticisms or encouragement! -- and a counter, which I think is not working properly.


  1. I have no imagination...so I am not sure how the Entrelac is supposed to look when it is completed. Post a picture when you finish it.

  2. It looks woven. It's quite neat!


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