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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank You Visitors!

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog! My counter shows me that I have had several visits from different countries and states. I have visited several knitting blogs to get an idea of what a good blog will look like, and I can tell I have much to learn. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome!

Thank you Melissa for the great picture of my wrap, which is such a perfect introduction to the blog. I also have added a less-than-pretty picture of some very basic, no-frills, not-historic Baltimore rowhouses. I vacillated over whether or not to post that one, which is my neighborhood, or a picture of some of the prettier ones downtown, the kind you'd see in a travel brochure. I decided it would be more honest to post the picture of where I live, rather than where the stuffy rich folk live ;-) ... no matter how much prettier their neighborhoods are.

I am really enjoying the creative process of building a blog. It has gotten too hot here to do anything outside (except sweat copiously), and my thumbs are begging for a rest from spinning and knitting. A blog will force me to give them a bit of a break (in theory).

Here are a few things I have knitted in the past, that I am pleased with:

A Fair Isle sweater for Mairwyn (Fair Isle Sweater by Sara Lucas)

A sweater that went to Melissa .... (Bunny Hop Cabled Cardigan, Barbara Breiter)

Turkish Socks that went to no one because I made them too narrow to fit anyone I know (From the magazine "Knitting Traditions)

A wrap, given to Renee for her birthday ... (Diamond Wrap, Maureen Mason Jamieson)

And for me, a Susie Hoodie from "More Big Girl Knits." I can't wait until it's cool enough to need this!

And if any Ravelry knitters should read this, I'd appreciate tips on how to get the progress bar and projects thumbnails from either Flickr or Ravelry onto my blog!

Thanks all!

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