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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Socks, merino-silk, and Sam Adams

The Spinster will be spending hard-earned Spinster Bucks at some lucky box store tomorrow ... any recommendations for a camera that does close-ups? I don't need a big behemoth or one that serves twenty functions, just a good camera that does good close-ups!

I have started a new WIP:

The beer is a work in progress, in a way (Sam Adams Black Lager), but let's focus on the knitting! The top cuff of a sock, and I didn't save the label from the yarn, but it's sock yarn from my LYS (All About Yarn, Columbia, MD). This sock pattern is from "Socks a la Carte."

A finished pile of yarn ... this is the BFL I purchased from MS&W this year, from Misty Mountain Farms, and plied with some corriedale I had laying around. Petunia likes it. The creepy glowing eyes in the background belong to Georgie Girl, who felt slighted that I didn't use her as a yarn prop. 15,912 inches, which I believe is 442 yards. Yes, I measure my yarn in inches. I think I do it because it makes it seem like I have more. If that stops making me feel happy inside, I'll start measuring it in centimeters.

And this is my latest spinning, despite my promise to myself to rest my thumbs. Merino-silk, colorway Golden Hibiscus, purchased at MS&W 2009 from louet north america. This started out on a spindle, but I really wanted something soft and buttery to spin. And it looks so pretty against the dark wood, doesn't it!


  1. Awww, I love the markings on that kitty! I made my header in Photoshop Elements with four photos of past projects. It's not that hard to do if you have some sort of photo editing program. Do you? If so I can try to walk you through it!

  2. I'm so glad someone else has a calico! They are precious! love the color of the yarn!

  3. The kitty is the product of a stray who chose my porch to have five kittens on. The momma cat was orange-and-white, and I am assuming the poppa was solid black, judging by the kitties that were produced. VERY bizarre.

    Thanks, Paige ... I am going out today to buy a new camera, maybe it will come with a good program!

    Thanks, Silentgrl! The BFL was white with brown streaks and for some reason came out gray looking.


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