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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All Quiet on the Blogger Front

     This stack of books is the reason I went several days without a post! I am in the last week of an 8-week African Literature class, and I put off working on the final essay until yesterday. I don't normally do that, but the weather turned cooler, and I just didn't want to stay indoors. My essay is about 1/3 of the way finished, so I can spend some time on this, my 3rd favorite hobby.

     Several years ago, I scoffed at online learning. I wouldn't want to spend hours a night on a computer after spending all of my work day on a computer ... it wouldn't be worth learning by myself, it's best in a classroom ... I don't have the discipline to study on my own and keep a timetable. Well, that all turned out to be hogwash! I spend most my time reading and taking notes, not on the computer. I went to a brick-and-mortar school for two years, and the classroom experience was not that great -- the students were much younger than me, had no discipline, complained incessantly about having to be in class/do homework, and sullenly refused to participate in class discussions. And keeping to a schedule was no problem, because the work is due at a certain time, and you just do it. No TV, no spinning kitten-soft alpaca, no knitting for a friend's birthday until it's done. I hear so many people making those same  excuses, and I just wish they'd try it. 

     On to the knitting ... I have a FO!  
And, from this angle, I can actually see the wicker pattern I thought I'd messed up! They're so warm I only wore them for about five seconds, long enough to take the picture. And I found a dropped stitch in the toe. I don't know why, but I always drop a stitch there. It must be from casting off.

I finished spinning the Wonder Why Alpaca, purchased roving from here.
Here it is, all clean and pretty:

    It is still damp, which is why it looks a bit flat. It's 111 wraps on the niddy-noddy, which equals 7,770 inches, which equals 215 yards (is that right? Melissa?). It was 4 oz to begin with, and I spun it thicker than I normally would. I now have a huge basket full of handspun that I must use up before I buy more roving. But I also still have so much to spin! And sometimes, that's all I want to do. Right now, I have 4 oz of black Suri alpaca partly spun on 2 bobbins, and it's calling to me something fierce. I can just see it knitted up into a little cowl ...


  1. ooooh, your yarn turned out lovely...and so does the stack of books. I've really slacked on my reading.

  2. Thanks! I still have the plum alpaca to go, but it isn't talking to me yet. The brown said SPIN ME NOW! So I did. The plum is saying, "Meh -- take your time!"
    Maybe in my next post, I'll describe how the roving sounds in my head ...

  3. Oooh, it's all so pretty. I really love how the socks turned out.

  4. If only I found knitting as interesting as I find your posts. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through your words.

  5. So you have 215 yards and 2.5 FEET (you missed that part) of your yarn. It's lovely. I'm with SLC - I enjoy reading your blog, not so fond of trying to knit. I'll still stick with crocheting. The tea pot on the books is great! Did we tell you that Jeff is signing up for school this week too? I'm so excited for him!

  6. Thanks everyone! I love getting comments!


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