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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Any Excuse to Visit the Yarn Store

These are ceramic eggs my mother made years ago. Aside from knitting, my mother was an expert ceramist (I don't know if I made that word up or not, the spellchecker didn't underline it). If I remember correctly, these eggs were painted over with a glaze that had chunks of semi-solid paint in it. The chunks melted in the kiln; neat! Mom taught my brother and I how to pour, clean, and paint ceramics. We didn't touch the kiln, though. That was all mom's territory. I just remember dozens of little cones that propped up the greenware while it turned to bisque. I sure do miss doing all that!

Today, I had a dental appointment, so I left work early, and decided to reward myself for another cavity-free visit by visiting my local yarn store. Purple sock yarn for me, brown hat wool for the guy who helped me pick out what camera I needed. It wasn't easy for him, because the only technical term I know for a camera is "lens." And I usually confuse that with the viewfinder. The sock yarn is Berroco, the brown wool is Cascade 220, my favorite ready-made wool, the needles are Addi Turbos ... and the tail belongs to a cat that saw no reason to move out of my picture.

Speaking of cat: I may regret buying this cat tree. I looked all over the house for little Miss Molly #($&% today, to clip her nails ... it didn't even occur to me to check the top of the cat tree, which is where she spends 80 percent of her day. Do you think she answered when I called her? No! Why do we even bother naming cats? They only respond to the sound of the can opener or the treat bag, or a human trying to walk down a dark staircase ... then they're Johnny-on-the-spot.

Current project, socks 2 at a time ... not looking a bit like the pattern, but I might just stick with it anyway. I think I don't have the correct definition for RT and LT, and besides, who can purl through the back loop?! That is nearly impossible!

And my fascination with the macro lens continues. I just love the little increases ... really, it takes so little to make a sock aesthetically pleasing. The increases for this are kf&bl, which makes that horizontal line. YO leaves a hole, I find, and so does picking up the horizontal stitch in between. I think I'm just using this whole paragraph as an excuse to document yet another close up of knitting. Oh, well, it's what makes me happy! Too bad I don't have any purple flowers to take a picture with--oh, wait, the clematis is blooming...

     A co-worker was absolutely baffled that this was a sock. I tried to helpfully explain that it was a toe-up sock, thinking that was what was confusing her. Nope -- she thought the toe of the sock was just one toe. I was knitting in the dentist's chair today, waiting for the doctor, and the tech came in and said, "Oh, you're knitting a sock!"

    Whew. Someone understands me.

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