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Monday, August 9, 2010

How Many WIPs are Too Many?

     These are my WIPs (this is why I have so many needles, SLC!). Two pairs of socks, a scarf, a lace-weight wrap, and (in the back) the non-traditional baby blanket. I love to have several projects going at once. I've been working on the lace weight wrap for a long time now, but it's fussy, and I don't always like to bother with it. The reddish scarf is from the pattern on the most recent issue of Spin-Off magazine. I spun the yarn from some Polworth I purchased from Misty Mountain Farm, controller of my crack--er, wool habit (it's all I can do to get out of their tent with any dignity at MS&W). The lovely white doily underneath is something my mother crocheted a long time ago. 

     Here is a better view of the scarf, and my spinning WIP:
     The gorgeous Merino-Silk blend is from these  lovely people. It's called Golden Hibiscus. I am going to take a better picture of it outside, in the sunlight, but this will do for now. It makes me think of cantaloupes. My late mother loved cantaloupes. For some reason, my thoughts keep circling around to her this summer, and just about everything reminds me of her.

      Am I happy with five WIPs? Sure -- the top-down socks are ready to go into the heel flap, I might finish the lace weight wrap this year, and the baby blanket has a definite time limit (I have 7 months to go). The scarf won't be needed for a few months yet, and the purpley toe-up socks are for me, so no rush. I have lots to work on, already on the needles, in progress. 

     So WHY is this all I can think of? 

    And this, one of my top-three favorite pattern books: 

     I believe they are meant for each other. When no one is around, the yarn tells me that it wants to be fingerless gloves, or perhaps a cowl. That's normal, right? Everyone's yarn talks to them ... right? 


  1. Okay, I get it about the WIP's. As I have about half a dozen of them myself (different medium) you think I would be more understanding. I love the colors.

  2. LOL I have 2 WIPs at the moment; 1 fussy, 1 medium. I actually need another one - a simple one :-)

  3. That's it, Vivianne! You need a challenging one, a meditative one, and a simple one. I just take it too far, is all. Sort of like having three glasses of wine instead of one ...

  4. SLC, wait till you see the alpaca I ordered .... lovely colors! (not a live alpaca ... just some fur :-)

  5. I love the orange shawl, it's so pretty! Wish I could knit lace; it's too hard to concentrate on the pattern with 2 munchkins running around. I get interrupted way too often!
    ~ Angela


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