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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I am going to try hard to finish this before next Tuesday, so that I don't have to have another post about a bag-in-progress!

It'll look better when it's blocked.

I don't have a project planned for my next knit ... I am toying with the idea of getting out some thick Merino handspun and poking around the pattern books. I've lately been in a mood to fiddle around with some of my handspun.

 Not sure how much of this I have, but I think I could make a small shawl. Problem is, I spun it veeerrrryyyy loosely, so I wouldn't be able to block it ... unless I run it through the spinning wheel again.

It's my damn scratching mat, make him get off!

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  1. Your bag is looking great! You'll be done before you know it:)

  2. oo your bag looks interesting. The picture of the cats made me lol :)

  3. I'm with you on itching to make something with my handspun. Darling Hubs asked me the other night if I have actually ever made anything with what I have spun. My mind raced to think hard about it, before remembering MITTENS! nevermind that 2 very large drawers are full to overflowing with skeins of handspun waiting for some attention. Don't rat me out!!

  4. What a cool looking bag pattern. Love those colors!


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