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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bag and Doggie


The Montavilla Market Tote.

I only messed up a few stitches, close to the top. I didn't stress over it, because it was near the top, and as I've pointed out before frogging or tinking post yarn-over is very, very hard.

I now have nothing on the needles except the Beekeepers Quilt.

I haven't knit anything since finishing this, and I'm so sleepy as I type this I keep messing up and having to start over. I was so tired and hungry while making dinner, I cooked brown rice and noodles as the grain for my dinner and didn't realize till I was done. Why am I so tired? Because this little doggie ...

Has been very, very sick. The vets over at Paradise Animal Hospital figured out pretty quick it was pancreatitis, but it takes a while to get over it. Poor doggie ... she went 5 days without eating or drinking much. I took her to the vet Monday morning, and came back that evening and she had an IV catheter in her poor little foot, and they wanted it to stay there so I could bring her back the next day. And the next ... she spent three whole days at the animal hospital while I was at work. And you know what? They spoiled her rotten. They held her like a baby, and let her sit on the counter while they petted her and fussed over her. The vet techs said while she was in her cage she was "vocalizing," which I know means she whimpered just to get them to come over to the cage and give her some TLC (she's quite manipulative!). Thursday morning when I let her out to pee, she went straight to the car. She wanted to go back to the animal hospital and be fussed over some more. And Georgie Girl hates car rides, so that's saying a lot.

So now she is still very droopy and tired (this picture is from earlier this year, but she's got the same hangdog look on her face). I have to give her pills twice a day, and one of the pills is very bitter and I have a hard time getting her to take it. And I'm tired because I had a hard time getting her settled to sleep at night with the catheter in her foot, and every time I heard her dog tags jingle I got up to see if she needed to pee or do some other business I'd rather she didn't do in the house. And make sure the sock was still over her catheter. You get the picture.

How do you all give your doggies pills? I have been crushing them and putting them in a syringe, or tucking the non-bitter ones in a treat. But it's hard. She doesn't trust anything now, since tasting the bitter pill in a treat.

Have any of you experienced pancreatitis with your pets?

Okay, well, happy weekend everyone, and don't forget to stop by Tamis Amis for FO Friday!


  1. I have no experience with pancreatitis. I hope Georgie Girl is feeling better soon. It's tough having the babies on house-arrest. :-(

    We use Pill Pockets... they come in several flavors... buffalo and beef seem to be preferred over chicken at our place, but they have never been refused. ;-) The pill-size can handle the capsules and horse pills. We find them at the feed store and big-box pet stores. Target does not have them.


  2. I love your bag! For pills we normally roll them in cheese, because our pup has a soft spot for cheese. She got wise to us though, so we had to really make her want that cheese so she didn't stop to really taste it when it went down. I hope you both get some much needed rest!

  3. Oh, she looks so darn pitiful. Poor baby. Just try to remember that in a few weeks she will have forgotten all about her misery.

    Crushing pills and mixing with peanut butter works in our house.

    Get some rest, Beth.

  4. Love the bag, hate that your doggie is feeling poorly. Hope she mends quickly.

  5. I have a pattern printed for a tote myself right now, but I think I'm going to see if I have enough yardage to make this one. I think its super cute and I especially love your colors!

  6. Poor little poochie! Hope the nastiness goes away quickly. Loving how the bag turned out!

  7. We have trouble getting our dog to take her pills, too. Pill pockets used to work, but now she eats the pocket and spits out the pill. Cheese or peanut butter sometimes works, too (haven't tried crushing the pills yet). We usually end up having to try a couple things each time, before she actually ingests it. Hope you're all feeling better and rested soon!

  8. Oh no! I hope Georgie Girl feels better soon.
    Your tote bag is lovely:)

  9. I'm so glad she's feeling better. My friend's miniature schnauser just came out of animal hospital last week - pancreatitis too! Scary! Cute bag.

  10. Our black pug, Bucky, had pancreatitis when he was 14 and it was horrible for the pup and the humans, you have my sympathy! I blogged about it here: http://trinket-t.blogspot.com/2009/06/bucky-update.html feel free to dig around for other related write up around the time. In the end we switched his diet drastically, started making him homemade chicken and rice, and kept him going for another year and half.

    For pills, most of my dogs would take a piece of cheese or pillpocket. For the real picky ones we just kept trying different things, like potato, rice, even cold cuts. If your pup would let you, you can also try to push the pill directly down, a bit uncomfortable but quick and easy once you get used to it. I did that with our westie who was allergic to everything.

    Good luck and take care!


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