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Friday, December 27, 2013

Kilt Stockings

All done!

Lace-me-up-kilt-hose are done!

They weren't difficult to knit, but I had to do a lot of math to make it work with the yarn I chose.

Yarn which I bought too much of ... I have nearly three full skeins left over ... so much for destashing!

What are you doing on the floor? Why are you taking pictures of your legs? 
Linking with Wonder Why Alpaca Farm for Fiber Arts Friday. 


  1. Great looking stockings! and cute pup :-)

  2. Love the stockings!! And the pup is just too adorable. My pups tend to help me whenever I am on the floor. Only, they are not much "help".

  3. I LOVE those socks! I can totally them being worn with a Kilt...or sassy skirt too. I always love the dog photos...they do tend to find their way into our knitting and photos.

  4. Yea, finished and beautiful!yea! Finished and beautiful!

  5. destash by making another pair :) great job!


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