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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day!

It doesn't snow frequently here in the Baltimore area. Every ten years or so, there's apparently a monster snowstorm or two, but for the most part we get an inch or two here or there, and that's it. Today we're expecting 4 - 6 inches. It's a very heavy, wet, unpleasant snow. It is sticking to the pavement, but it's very slushy, as you can see ...

I like my little eucalyptus tree, so I'll probably be outside a lot today, shaking it off. It was huge last year, and I was regretting planting it near the fence. Then the cold killed it, but it came back. So pretty! I know if I dry the leaves I can dye yarn with them.

Maybe I can dye yarn with this winter cabbage, too! It would be blue yarn, right? Or is that just radiccio that makes blue yarn?

My WIPs wanted to go out and play in the snow. On the left is a stocking hat. I might be able to finish it this week. And the Kilt Hose, which are really warm and thick and I can't wait to wear. I am a bit confused why patterns call for holding two strands of yarn together, instead of just thicker yarn. Any ideas?

This picture is from our Snowpocalypse (also known as Snowmaggeddon) in 2010. I think this was the first one ... we got hit by two, four days apart, and each gave us about 40" of snow.

Georgie Girl was not amused.

But, that was almost 4 years ago. Today's just supposed to be about a half a foot, which isn't that much at all. I shall spend the day running outside to shake the snow off the eucalyptus, and brush off my convertible roof. Other than that, it's just me, the knitting, and a lot of hot tea.

You call this a snowstorm? I remember back in '10, when it snowed 84 inches in four days. Now *that* was a snowstorm!


  1. Brrr. Georgie Girl looks content. Did not know eucalyptus could grow in your neck of the woods. Guess I always think of it as being so exotic a plant, along with panda bears.

  2. The socks might be stronger if you yous two strands. It makes 8 in total. The thicker sock yarn I can get here is 6 ply.

  3. So much snow! It must be extra pleasant to sit warm inside and knit.

  4. Oh, a snow day... it sounds wonderful. :-)


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