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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!
Centennial Park, Columbia, MD

I don't really make resolutions, but I do 'hope' for things for the new year. I hope to challenge myself to knit outside my comfort zone next year (brioche, entrelac, lace, more Fair Isle). I hope to destash, which will mean a lot of one-skein-wonder projects, as my stash is all odd lots. I hope to destash some of the unspun fiber that has been in a drawer for a few years. I hope to have a lot of really nifty ideas for projects!

Right now I'm working on Celtic Pride Kilt Hose ... I'd like to make them for me, though the pattern is for men. I'll see how it goes.
See that tube in the top middle, on the dpns? This is the first time I bought sock yarn that came with its own reinforcing yarn for the heel.

Do you all have any new year resolutions? Crafty or otherwise?

Ellicott City, MD

What I'm Reading: "A Murder at Rosamund's Gate."  By Susanna Calkins. Set in Restoration England, 1665, a murder-mystery. The main character is Lucy, a maid in the magistrate's house, who investigates recent murders in her corner of London. Her lot as a servant is better than most, as she knows her letters and her master and mistress are kindly. But she is surrounded by "louts" who are very "handy," and when out-of-doors, she not only has to dodge pickpockets and the like, but she is constantly fending off men who think a young maid has no right to say no to their advances. It's somewhat better in the house, but her master's guests are sometimes men who prey on maids. I'm about halfway through it, and enjoying it.

Happy New Year!! Be safe if you're going out tonight. I'll be staying in with the cats and a warm cup of tea. I doubt I'll be awake at midnight!


  1. Happy 2014!

    Have never seen reinforcing yarn in dock yarn. Do you hold it double while knitting the heel? Or foot? Directions given?

  2. The yarn store lady said to hold it double, and I could use it whenever I wanted but most people start doing that at the beginning of the heel flap.


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