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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nearly There!

The Kilt Stockings are nearly done! Sort of.

Oh, oops, sorry ... that's a picture of me after I ran the Baltimore Celtic Solstice 5-Mile Run this past Saturday, which I blogged about on my other blog. My bad!

Here are the stockings...

I love the S1K1/SlP heel flap. So sturdy and still so pretty.

To solve my eternal problem of wearing through the heels, I'm trying something new.

I bound off the sock in two spots -- at the bottom of the heel flap before turning the heel, and on the top of the instep before picking up the gussets. Then I picked up the bound-off stitches along with the gusset stitches, and started completely afresh. Once I've gotten all the gusset stitches decreased back to the original number, I will bind off again, and pick up and restart. It sounds tedious, but this way I can reknit the problem part if a hole develops, and darning doesn't work. Of course, now that I weigh fifty pounds less, maybe I won't wear through the bottom of my socks any more ;-)

I can't think of any way to properly bulk up that spot on the sock without making it uncomfortable to wear.

Molly reminds you to stop by TamisAmis for Work in Progress Wednesday!


  1. The socks look great, as do you after the marathon...congratulations on running it....I'm not experienced enough to even understand your explanation, but I'm glad you figured something out...

  2. Sounds like a winner of a solution!


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