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Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Cowl, a Race Photo, and a Cat

The Violeta Cowl is coming right along!

The yarn is some alpaca that a friend brought back for me while she was visiting Machu Pichu. I tried to estimate how much there was ... I'm guessing about 1,500 yards? It's doubled fingering. Very fine work.

I've made a couple errors, but like always, once the pattern becomes clear, I don't have to rely so heavily on the directions and I can more or less wing it. (famous last words)

By the way, this A-Line Jacket I made with Noro? Fabulous. I love it. I made a belt to go with it, and it is so warm and cozy I can wear it when it's 35 degrees outside (over a long-sleeved shirt, of course). If you want a quick, easy cardigan-style knit, this is the one! Although it's from Vogue Knitting, so you'd have to purchase the pattern, so it's not quick, easy, and free.

Here I am in last Sunday's Across-the-Bay-10K. I'm the one in the orange shirt.

I was so exhausted at this point. I burned myself out on the uphill, and the downhill was just bleh. 

Molly Cat likes to alternate between blocking the microwave and interfering with the coffee pot....

Uh-huh. Whatever, Miss Innocent Kitty.

We're snuggling ... go 'way! 


  1. Awesome jacket! I have some mystery yarn from Ireland...still haven't decided what to make with it...

  2. The kitty is adorable! The knits are beautiful! You are Woman!!!! Roar!

  3. That is an enviable jacket, especially now that our temperatures have dropped into single digits!


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