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Monday, November 3, 2014

Winter Knits

I don't have a picture ... but envision a dark purple and navy blue infinity scarf on the needles. Finger-weight yarn from Knit Picks, a large sample pack that I want to use up. I'm thinking I might use up four of them, but I am a bit restless in my knitting since finishing the A-Line Jacket, so I don't know if I'll stick with it or not.

My laptop needs some TLC (it's 5 years old and likely infested) and I can't figure out how to upload pictures on the ipad (First World Problems, I know), so I can't show you what I'm working on. Once I get an adapter for the camera-ipad transfer, I can do that. Or maybe not - I don't know if Picasa and ipads are compatible.

Isn't technology funny? I don't need it to knit, but I need it to share my knitting. I'm not a technologically gifted person, and I get frustrated easily. I'm quite happy just noodling around on the ipad, but I have to figure out the whole Picasa web album thing first. I'm like that Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer from Saturday Night Live, trying to figure out how the spirits in the fax machine make it work.

Well I will go look at everyone else's lovely blogs, and pretend I'm one of you  :-)

Let's see if I can get a Picasa picture to load ... nope. Okay, so long for now!



  1. I sometimes go through lots of hoops to get the picture where I want it. I use my IPhone for pics and then upload them to Flickr so I can later save them to my laptop and then upload them to my blog. I can do from phone to blog, but it is almost as labor intensive!

  2. Looking forward to seeing that infinity scarf anyway.

    I usually take photos with my phone then upload them to Facebook then go to Facebook and save them to my laptop then download them to my blog or Ravelry. Whew ! Tired just thinking about it but it works.


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