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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wow it's Cold

Days like this, I'm so glad I'm a knitter!

Also, really glad I have a house with a furnace that I can afford to run, and that I had new doors installed a few months back. Those suckers are vacuum-tight! I'm sitting right next to the back door and don't feel even the tiniest draft.

I know that 21F is only -6C, which is not that bad in Canada, Novia Scotia, Norway ... you get the picture. Baltimore normally has fairly mild winters; today was about 23 degrees thanks to an arctic blast, which was almost a record-breaking low. The wind chill made it feel like 12F. Brrr!

Thankfully, I have this ...

This is my Dresser o'Awesome hand-knits ... hats, gloves, wristlets, scarves. Doesn't include the hand-knit sweaters and shawls in the closets. Most of my sweaters were made 2x, and I'm a M/L now, but I still wear them.

Right now I want to pull it all out and lay down underneath it.

One of my favorite blogs is Cloudberry, in Norway. Winter is beautiful there. Lovely white snow and ice, no black slushy piles all over the place, and it doesn't keep people indoors all winter. City snow is just so unattractive. Bleh!

Well, there's nothing to do but count my blessings and face the oncoming winter. The Violeta Cowl is nearly done.

I have to confess I don't like the whole bottom-edge-rolled-up feature ... I prefer a nice ribbing or garter so it lays flat.

I want to start a baby project for a co-worker who is having a baby next year, but I haven't gotten the wool yet. That will be next.

So! What are you all working on? Is it cold where you are?

You'll have to find somewhere else to sit ... sofa's full. 


  1. 19 degrees here at 11:00 pm. Just in the 30's during the day. Brrr!!! Glad I have lots of warm woolies to bundle up in! But it can get a little over kill when you have on 2-3 layers from head to foot. LOL

  2. It's super cold here too. I need to find a bigger place to store/display my handknit/woven items. My current spot is bursting.

    Can/will you change the edging on the cowl? I would if I weren't happy with it.

  3. I love the colour of the cowl. And nope, super hot here (I'm Down Under!)


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