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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Finally Back to Normal!

I got my problems mostly cleaned up, finally, and now I can blog normally again!

You know this is a First-World problem, right?

I had a LOT of bad stuff infecting my electronics. I now have a new program which is blocking bad files left and right. But I'm still having an issue with a lot of popups and some other irritations, such as something inserting links into this blog at certain spots, so I'm not sure exactly what is going on.

Tell us more about this 'problem.' Sounds fascinating.

This might one day be an Infinity Scarf. 

It's already been pulled back once. Who knows what will happen next? 

I'm trying to use this huge load of Knit Picks sample yarn I bought a few years back!

I also made this fabulous Meghan's Braids hat, which is technically for children, but ... I wanted one.

Paton's Yarn. Which I also love.



  1. Love the hat, hey it's for whoever wants one! I am making a reindeer hat for a grown man, so you're good.

  2. Glad you are back! The hat is sassy. I love the colors for the infinity scarf. Best: The "tell me about it" photo. Your critters really could care, right? Love it!

  3. Ugh. Technology. Who needs it. Oh, wait.... I do. :-D Glad to hear you've got the kinks worked out. Hopefully things keep running smoothly.


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