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Monday, December 6, 2010

Home with a Cold

I really don't like missing work for a cold. It seems like such a ridiculous reason to stay home and use up my sick hours. I have a headache, sure, but my job is a very sedentary, sit-in-front-of-the-computer job, and that's what I'm doing now anyway. As long as I don't change the elevation of my head, I'm fine!

But no one wants a contagiously sick person to come to work, especially in a closed-in office without good air circulation, so home I am and home I stay. I will drink several pots of hot tea, and stay close to the vaporizer (thank GOD for vaporizers!) and eat as much garlic as I can stand. I have heard that you have to eat it raw for it to really work, but I just cannot do that. I had garlic in my eggs this morning, and I will make a nice garlic soup later on. Maybe a nice roasted garlic spread to put on some crackers.

Anyway, I'm going to sit at home in front of my nice warm computer and finish a homework assignment and start another, and maybe be finished with this class 2 weeks early. And when I get tired of studying, I will work on one of the seventy-five WIPs I have laying around. Here is one:

Garish, aren't they? They're for a five year old girl who likes yellow and purple. I've made them a bit large, so that she will be able to wear them for a while (hopefully). I figure the bright color scheme will keep them from getting lost in the laundry.

The yarn I dyed the other day. It's not quite uniform, because I left in KnitPick's yarn ties, and they were so snug they blocked the dye from absorbing underneath. Lesson learned.

I started handspinning again (that should have been my first clue I was getting sick, I didn't want to knit). Spindle from zebisisdesigns.

I think my new year's resolution will be to finish all my WIPs or frog them, and to use up a lot of my roving before I buy more at the next Maryland Sheep and Wool in May. I sincerely doubt my ability to stick to that resolution, but it makes me feel better to make it ;-).

I'm not sure which is the stalker, here ... I'm just glad they didn't shred the curtains. 


  1. I washed and dried the socks you knitted me (by accident.) They look a bit on the small side.

  2. Ooops .... do they still fit, or not?

  3. So your cats aren't attacking the curtains? I am still trying to figure out what this animal is or is not going to do.

    Glad you stayed home even though it seemed like a waste. I am sure there would be people scooting you out of that office.


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