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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A WIPsnesday in December

WIP update!

  I'm a liar. This is actually a FO. The Garish Socks for A., a five year old super-energetic little girl, for Christmas gift. My own pattern (as if you hadn't guessed that!) and Vanna's Choice yarns. Aren't they hideous? They certainly won't blend in with anything. And they are acrylic, A.'s mom will be happy to know. Wash and dry!

The Bigfoot socks continue:

I got a lot done on them in a meeting at work today. I used to hate meetings, now I look forward to them.

My other WIP is a spinning WIP. Hand painted Rambouillet Top, resting here in the ever-classy toilet paper roll shot.

I'm gonna buy me one of those fancy expensive wooden things to ply from. These toilet paper rolls are just not worthy of the fiber I spin!

I spun it on the spindle underneath, and plied it on my old standard workhorse top-whorl-from-a-kit spindle.

Here is roughly 85.555555 yards of double-ply. I love it -- the colors are darker than they showed up in the picture.

Spindle and fiber by Zebisisdesigns.


  1. All I can say about the bumble bee socks is... wow.

  2. I'm glad she likes them! I hope they last till she outgrows them -- F's socks already have a hole in the heel, and Melissa is darning them. Darn! Darn!


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