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Friday, December 17, 2010

What is this MADNESS?!

Suddenly, I have around 8 WIPs! I don't know how this happened. I don't remember starting most of them. My brain has been a little scrambled lately, as I rushed to finish a class a week ahead of schedule, write a research paper and read and study. Work got a little hectic, and I think I was starting simple projects to take to work for meetings and such. Today I took stock, and found that on top of about five WIPs laying around, I started three new ones!

This is a new sweater for the doggie, whose orange one has gotten a little too small. I have made several of these as gifts, but I never see the doggies in question wearing them, so I guess not everyone is keen on keeping their doggies warm in the winter :-(

It's a very simple pattern, and knits up in about an afternoon. It has a cute little turtleneck, too. It's from "Stylish Knits for Dogs."

Below is a scarf with the yarn I dyed a week or so ago. It's a cable pattern from the Reader's Digest Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches. I meant for this to be for our Christmas gift exchange at work, but it didn't happen. Between the cold I caught and the
paper that was due, it languished.
This is another scarf I started a while back, with the leftover yarn from my Bountiful Bohus sweater. It isn't a tricky pattern (Also from the RD book), but it requires three strands of yarn, which is tiresome to keep track of.

Then, I dropped everything to start knitting a hat from the alpaca I spun up last year, from the Wonder Why gal. It is too big, even for my big noggin, but I wanted something that wouldn't press on my hair and make it flat (I spend ten minutes fixing it in the morning, then squash a hat on it to go outside and walk the dog).

At least I finished that simple little shawl I was working on. Here, Petunia guards it from harm while it blocks!

And here is how I wore it to work. It is really really warm! Unfortunately it didn't stay blocked ... not sure why. But it's still super warm and it got a lot of attention from my co-workers.

I am now eagerly awaiting three packages ... two books and a calendar from Interweave, a new trindle spindle, and the "Spin Off Exotic Fiber Sampler 10:  Qiviut, Cashmere, Baby Camel, Cashmere Mulberry Silk, Cashmere Tussah Silk, Cream Yak Down, Baby Camel Tussah Silk, Yak Tussah Silk, Baby Suri Alpaca, Top Roving Spinning Fiber 4.75oz"

C'mon! Yak down?! Really? I can't wait!

I have discovered something very important about myself. Every time I swear that I will NOT purchase any more yarn or fiber until I've used up what I have, within 3 days I am on Etsy, ordering something sheared off of some animal. So the only solution to this, is to stop swearing off buying more fiber!


  1. I'm with you...I'm addicted to buying more fiber and yarn.

    Love your WIP's can't wait to see them finished.

    Don't worry, I knitted a couple of hats for Christmas gifts then sold them to a farm visitor today. Oops! Guess what I'll be busy knitting tomorrow.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. I'm very excited to see what you do now that the classes are over!

  3. Lots of WIPs? You and me both!
    I seem to be stuck around the (please don't faint) 17 mark. No idea how I keep doing that but everytime I completed one project I realise that there is at least one (if not two) that I need to add to my Ravelry page! How idiotic is that? I mean: 17! Goodness sake, I really need to get my act in order.
    Hope you get to finish one or two very soon!


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