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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Spinning Wheel Sulks in the Corner

This is my spinning wheel, Esmerelda. She is sulking because not only have I not used her since September, she has been pushed aside to make room for the Christmas tree.

She tends to be a bit of a diva, despite being the least expensive model in Kromski's line.

What? Your spinning wheel doesn't communicate with you? Heck, even my spindles talk to me! Nothing wrong with that!

Anyway, Esmerelda doesn't understand why I sometimes eschew her for a tiny spindle that takes so much time and effort.I've been plugging away at this fiber for quite a while. Both spindle (see previous posts) and fiber from zebisisdesigns.

So I am nearly finished with this spinning project. Being a typical knitter-spinner, I figured that meant it was time to begin another project.

Spindle from skeinwinder123 on Etsy. The fiber is yak-silk, which sticks to everything. I received my exotic fibers goody bag in the mail yesterday...

Goody bag, or sampler, from WildOrchidsFiberArts. Camel, yak, silk, cashmere, angora, qiviut. Some blended, some not. I figure each little skein will spin up into enough to trim a pair of mittens or a hat. It's all very lovely, but the silky fibers are very slippery and require a lot of concentration to spin!

An almost-WIP ... Georgie Girl's new winter coat. I worked on this at a staff meeting at work, and actually ran out of yarn (meeting went on longer than usual). I had my spindle with yak-silk, but I thought my boss might not like it if I got up and fetched that and proceeded to spin while he was talking. I've gotten pretty good at knowing how far I can push it ;-).

I bring spinning to work, sometimes. I'm trying to gradually get the bosses used to my doing it ... sort of a slow initiation. This time next year, they won't bat an eye at my eccentricities!

And lastly ... a friend at work passed out all these plastic vases full of chocolate truffles. I think they'll be perfect for displaying my unspun fiber! I emailed everyone that got one and asked if they'd save me the container. This is 8 ounces of colored merino top from Spinning Flock Farm, purchased at MS&W. I think this is a great way to display my fiber!

And on a side note ... the weathermen at weather.com are making ominous noises about a monster storm that might hit the Mid Atlantic states over Christmas weekend. The local weathermen have been talking about snow that weekend, but -- oddly -- without mentioning any amounts. That generally means we're going to get CLOBBERED. I still remember this:

The horror ...

     ... the horror ...


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm jealous of your snow... there's only a little bit of day-old powder where I am right now, and I wish there was more! It just doesn't seem like Christmas without snow!

  2. Love the spinning wheel! Must see it in action one day. Glad Georgie Girl has a new winter coat.


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