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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Note To Self: Kool-Aid Attracts Flies

File that under duh. 

 I should have known, right? Kool-Aid smells sweet, and on a hot day, it is just irresistible for certain flying insects that appreciate sweet smells. I was dyeing the skein pictured above (3 packets Blastin' Berry, one packet Grape) in my large tea jar, just like before. For some reason, though, flies got into the jar. I always leave the flipper lid on top open just a little so the hot air doesn't just build up in the jar, and this is the only time I had flies get in. It was pretty gross, picking them out. I'm not too freaked out by it, since I'm making this project for me.

That's not to say I wouldn't make a project for someone else from yarn that had been dyed with flies and Kool-Aid.

I just wouldn't have blogged about it.

Here's the in-progress blankie ... I'm quite happy with it, but the last square (the red blotchy one) is wonky. I will see what happens when I crochet the next square. If it's still off, I'll frog for the fourth time. I don't know what's different about that one square.

This dye pattern was because the sun didn't come out on a day it was forecast to be sunny. It's 3 packets Pink Lemonade, and one packet Cherry. I put it out in the morning, but then it was cloudy and under 80 degrees all day. The water didn't heat up at all. All the color absorbed, though, which is odd -- I thought it had to have heat. Perhaps it won't be colorfast? 
This little guy is coming along nicely. Cascade Superwash is a fine yarn, I must say. I bought a whole book of patterns for kids using Cascade Superwash. What savvy marketing...

And ... I have so far made one felted dolly. It was actually quite fun! I have a lot of Corriedale roving I dyed badly (water got too hot, and the roving felted a little), and I can use it up on stuff like this. What will I do with this dolly? I've no freakin' idea. I just really wanted to make one!

I'm already a Crazy Cat Lady. I don't think I want to be a Creepy Doll Collecting Lady, too.

A storm that recently hit ...

And the resulting rainbow.


Five seconds before I took the picture, Molly Cat was being cute. Soon as I picked up the camera, she rolled back over and sat up and gave me this nonchalant look.


  1. I quite like the blotchy effect, have you tried it in water to see if the dye holds?

  2. I think your blanket is lovely. I never thought of dying yarn with Koolaid but duh, kids use it on their hair... The doll is cute and the kitty is adorable!

  3. LOL, I was half expecting a photo of your flies. The squares are working up very nicely and I like the colors!

  4. Awesome squares! Pretty kitty. Hope you have a great Friday.

  5. I like the color texture of the koolaid blanket.

    I haven't dyed anything with it... at least not on purpose. So I wonder, is koolaid colorfast? or do you have to do something to it to make it so?? I suppose it would be to some extent since I stained many a t-shirt with it as a kiddo.

  6. My koolaid dyed items usually lighten up over time, especially if they are left out in the sun. I wonder if you use sugar-free flavors would the flies still want to get in the jar?

  7. I love to dye with Kool-Aid-but I use canning jars in a big canning pot and boil the heck out of it. I'll have to try the jar in the sun method. Nice projects, too.

  8. Your blanket is coming right along, what fun colors! How big will you go with it?

  9. I am totally giggling as I read this in the wee hours of the morning:

    I'm already a Crazy Cat Lady. I don't think I want to be a Creepy Doll Collecting Lady, too.

    You are so much fun! The colors look great. I bet it would smell good. You should call the blanket...On the Fly

  10. Sheepish: I haven't tested it yet ... I have a tiny washer, so I usually take large items to my friend's house. She has a front loader. So if it bleeds color, it will be in her machine :-)

    Fofo: Now I want to dye my hair with koolaid...

    Dutch: Thanks! I love the colors. So cheerful.

    Ally. Thanks!

    Kathryn: You just dye it till the water is clear. It will fade over time with washings and sunlight.

    Viv: I use the plain, unsweetened kind ... I think you HAVE to use that kind. The smell is just so fruity it attracts bugs!

    Fiber: I have stove-top dyed with koolaid ... this way is so much easier!

    Melissa: I thought I would just make a lap blanket using about six or seven skeins that I dyed a few years ago. But I got ambitious (sigh) and dyed six MORE skeins, so it will be about full-size-bed sized.

    WW: I have many Crazy strikes against me :-) ... cats, spinsterhood, a small house buried in wool ... my neighbors wondering what it is I'm putting out in the sun in that big jar ... noodles in red sauce? The green koolaid looked really, really peculiar, especially with the white yarn in it.

  11. Ohh gorgeous colours!! I must get some Kool-Aid, shame they don't have it here in UK :(


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