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Thursday, August 9, 2012

If I Teach the Cats to Knit

Will they leave my stuff alone?!


The Smocked Fingerless Mitts are nearly done, and like everything else in the 60-Quick-Knits book, they were fast and fun to knit up.

I have to be honest ... I was careless and knit two left hands. So I pulled one back and then I was careless and forgot to stop knitting the buttonhole spacing! In the recipe, the buttonhole garter stitch goes all the way to the top, but I stopped on the first glove an inch from the top.

 Then I forgot to stop on the second glove and knit it to the top. Instead instead of ripping back, I just dropped those four stitches down about six inches and reknit them that way. I have gotten shockingly good at doing that ... even with cables. 

The thumb is added in later, and it was a pain to undo that thumb! I weave my ends in really far, and I can never find them again. 

The Drop Stitch Scarf (aka Angry Eyes) was finally blocked out, and is ready to gift. It's lovely ... long, soft, and full of alpaca-y goodness.

And cat hair, thanks to Petunia and Edgar Allen Poe.

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  1. It does look like angry eyes!

  2. Isn't it funny how some projects are like that?

    I think the cats are just admiring your work. ;-)

  3. Great projects, and beautiful kitties, even if they are trying to pinch your knitting

  4. haha! I think your cats would still want your projects. Your scarf is gorgeous and I bet it is super soft. Those mitts are sassy too. I may want to knit that pattern but take your advice and not get distracted. Too funny.

  5. Oh boy, your mittens are adventuresome even tho they are not supposed to! I once knitted two right fronts of a jacket, with top half of sleeves knitted in, on size 3 needles. There were a lot of griping and ripping for awhile!


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