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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Cardigan Post

Just to let everyone know I'm still alive ... still knitting .... I was sidetracked for a few days helping a friend move, so I wasn't knitting or blogging. Or reading other blogs. But I went on a knitting frenzy yesterday afternoon, and finished a lot of the cardigan. I also realized I was incorrectly measuring the length, and I had only one inch more to knit, rather than three (hello, math, my old nemesis ... got me again, didn't you?) Usually my math errors don't work in my favor, so this was a nice discovery.

The Cardigan with Cabled Yoke is close to being finished. I just have to knit above the yoke, then I guess button bands and all that. This will be my sixth adult-sized sweater! I've done cardigans, cables, steeks ... what I haven't yet done is an adult-sized colorwork sweater, which is next. More of a coat or jacket, actually, rather than a sweater, but it is --

Oh wait. I've done colorwork before. A Bohus ... never mind! The steeked sweater was a Bohus, so it has the colorworked shoulders. So silly of me to have forgotten that. I guess I was so involved with the steeking, I forgot there was colorwork.

Okay, well ... here's another shot of this one:

To be honest, I'm worried about the sleeves ... they look really funny. I don't think they'll look any better once the top is done, either. I hope it blocks out, or I'm going to look very funny holding my arms out to accommodate the sleeves.

Here's a cute picture to make up for a boring blog post ...

Hooray for 'sketti! 

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  1. I think they will look fine once you block them. Cutest pic!!!

  2. The sleeves will be great. That whole cardi is great! Good for you.

  3. It looks fabulous to me. Have you tried it on to see how you like them? The cable work is so attractive!

  4. Yay for Math Errors! ;-)

    I think the sweater is looking great!

  5. The sweater looks great! Cables are so pretty, and fun to do too! Win win. The picture is cute too!

    1. Also, thanks for your comment on my blog!


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