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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work-in-Progress Wednesday!

Lots to report!

Okay, well, just two items, really! The Paton's Cardigan with Cabled Yoke, which I might accidentally have called Berocco in an earlier post ... oops!

This is a fun knit. Once I got past the slight mess I made of things upon starting the pattern from the yoke, I started flying right along!

This is Paton's Classic Wool, which is a medium/4, and the pattern is knit on size 8 and 9 needles, so it goes pretty quickly. I have six more inches to knit on the bottom part, then pick up stitches for the shoulders and sleeves. It's short-sleeved. I'm anxious to finish it because I have already selected my next project, and I am eager to get started on that one. It's only mid-August now, but another cold East Coast winter is coming up! I'm gonna need all the socks, hats, mittens, and sweaters I can knit!

My other WIP is just a quickie pair of socks ... my first time knitting with Tofutsies yarn, with is 2.5% crustacean shell! The rest is wool and cotton. It feels nice, doesn't split, but if you have to recast on a length of yarn several times (I did, because the cast-on I chose kicked my butt), the plies tend to separate.

The colors are lovely.  This is the yarn that is featured (the only yarn featured) in "Socks a la Cart Toes Up" which is one of those great books that lets you mix-n-match your pattern. I'm sure you all know that. I have both of the books, but I really prefer toes-up .... I like the simple gusset with a top down sock (I *love* that simple heel/gusset combination!) but I like knowing how long I can make the leg before running out. So I normally wind up with top-down, even though I make a mess of the toe that way.

I am curious how everyone else does it, so please take a moment to respond to the poll I posted at the bottom of the blog ... Toes Up or Cuff Down?

Thanks! Have an awesome week, everyone!


  1. I'm no expert with socks (yet), but I have only tried toe-up so far.

    I like to know how much yarn I have left and would hate the idea of playing yarn chicken as I was nearing the toe.

    Although, I do plan to try cuff-down at some point.

  2. What a beautiful cardi! You'll be SO proud to it!


  3. Your work is so beautiful! And so is kitty. I've done both cuff down and toe up and prefer toe up by far. And doing two at a time, once you get the hang of it, makes things so much easier. And quicker : P

  4. Very pretty! Cabels are on my list of things to learn. Your kitty is beautiful! Makes me miss my Whiskers. She died when my daughter was 4 and she's 17 now so 13 yrs ago. I really like your sock yarn. Reminds me of the yarn that Pumpkin Spins is using for a shawl. I've never knit socks, I was given a sock book and I want to learn to make them but they have to come behind the other things I already have yarn for.

  5. I usually do top down with a heel flap. I know I can get a pair of socks for me out of 100g of yarn with lots left over. If I am a bit short of yarn I will do toe up or do top down but the heels and toes in a different yarn.

  6. Nice cables; lovely job! I do like your sock yarn; must feel nice in your hands.

  7. Wowzer! That's a lot of cables! They look wonderful.

  8. Always cuff down. Cuff down on double points, that's the way I learned it; tried toe up once and didn't like it. Usually the patterns are on the leg part, and it's the most fun part. Once that's over just the fussy heels and the foot is boring. Maybe I'm just getting old ;-)

    Your cable cardigan is coming along very nicely!

  9. Your cabled knitting is awesome, I can't wait to see the completed cardigan! I'm such a stick in the mud with my top down socks, I will have to give toe up a try. Have a wonderful weekend!


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