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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Petunia Hates it When I Say She's Fat...

...but seriously, look at the size of her! 

My foot is huge, and she totally dwarfs it!

Here, this helps ... holy cat! She's like 8 inches across!!! That ain't all fur, either!

She was the runt of the litter, too ... the one  I had to hand-feed, the one the vet almost took away from me because she was so undersized. At 6 weeks she only weighed two pounds!


Sorry, guess I'm being catty. The heat and humidity are getting to me. I have a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge, and once it's nice and cold I'll have a glass. I've actually knit a lot this week, but not on the sweater. Mostly on this:

One of the smocked wrister thingies is done, and I started the second one last night.
I went to the fabulous All About Yarn in the fabulous Columbia yesterday. And despite the fact it was my birthday and I was completely entitled to break my no-new-yarn pledge ... I bought only buttons. My willpower was strong. I actually went to Jo-Ann's first, which is just about my favorite craft store, but all the buttons I liked only came in threes or fours, and I needed ten. 

Aren't they pretty?

Edgar Allen Poe likes the wristers.

He's a bit of a floozy, though.

I've also been spinning -- I haven't done much of that at all this year.

This is a S&W purchase ...

The braid at the top right. I spun the yellow on spindles, and then I put the yarn in a safe place which I now can't locate. Maybe it's with my missing Trindle and pink bra.

So that is my week ... heat, humidity, rain, a birthday, some spinning and knitting, and a fervent longing for cool Autumn temperatures. How is everyone else doing?

Don't forget to stop by Andrea's for Fiber Arts Friday Fun-ness!


  1. I know what you mean about the humidity! You should see my Samson, he's so big! Need to post a pic soon. Your wristers are lovely and so is your kitty. I used to have a black one with a white tuft on her chest, I miss her.... Try to stay cool!

  2. Fat or not, she looks very happy and relaxed. That has to be a good thing.
    Your wristers look fabolous as does our yarn. That pink is such a warm and sexy colour. :)

    It is humid here as well, but that is what living next to a fjord does to you. Ha a great Friday.

  3. Your button are great!

    Petunia looks a bit miffed by that ruler resting on her side.

  4. Happy Birthday! I like those buttons and that pattern for the mitts is looking great. Ah, Petunia just stretched and said, "There's more of me for you to love"

  5. Happy Birthday! I truly envy your will power, birthday would've been the perfect excuse to stash ;-) Love those buttons, they look perfect for your mitts.

  6. Love the buttons and your wrist warmers. Prosecco is awesome, isn't it?!?! (The drier, the better!) XXO-

  7. Love those buttons! They go so well together with cables.

  8. I LOVE those fingerless gloves. I want want want for myself. Your cats are adorable, and having a runt that turned out so.....robust means you are good at raising animals!


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