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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Owl Booties!

Aren't they cute? They're big enough to go over a baby's shoes. And baby's shoes are always clean, right?

These Owl Booties were fairly easy. The only tedious part was putting the beads on, and that's just my irritation with threading tiny objects, I think.

I started another project:

The Tied Rectangle Wrap from 60 Quick Knits for Cascade Yarn.

This isn't Cascade (though that is my favorite yarn!) ... it's my own spun yarn. It's hard to tell in this photo, but it's yellow and orange cable-plied Merino.

The Bohus, which needs longer sleeves, has undergone some painful surgery. It required two plastic needles, waste yarn, a size 00 knitting needle, and no cats anywhere near me for an hour.

I found the end of the purple, where the colorwork ended, and tediously unknit the colorwork from the purple. I used the plastic needles and waste yarn to pick up the live threads, and the 00 knitting needle to pick the stitches apart.

Not too difficult, just painstaking. Now I'm going to add a few inches to each sleeve and figure out the best way to re-attach the two ends.

It's almost depressing, how good I've gotten at tinking. 

You know what's really sucky about all this? I tried on the Bohus, and it doesn't really suit me. In hindsight, I don't think it would suit anyone with breasts. In the future, I hope to remember that when I see a certain style of sweater modeled on a flat-chested woman ... I need to consider how an actual chest will effect the pattern.

 Not even an A cup, am I right?

The top part is a bit snug, but there's plenty of room in the rest of it. I'm going to block the top part, and see if that helps. I do have big-ish shoulders, which affects the fit of most things I knit for myself.

In other news ...

Edgar broke the first Christmas Tree ornament of the year. Even though all the breakable stuff was hung up high.

I fussed at him, but I can't be too mad at him. I think the ornament was taunting him. Look at the expression in his eyes ... he was clearly defending himself.

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  1. Those booties are so cute!!! Bless you, I would probably have put the sweater in a drawer and left it there! You have more gumption than I do. My daughter hung a cloth ornament at the bottom of the tree and the cat promptly attacked it so we had to move it farther up. We hang the glass ones high too to keep him away from them.

  2. That's quite a surgery you did on the Bohus sweater. Hope the blocking will help with the fit, would be such a tragedy if it ends up not fitting you.

    The owls are adorable!

  3. Adorable booties!
    I agree with FoFo - I'd put the sweater away or frogged it. But hopefully some blocking will help. I think garments should be shown in differents sizes in the patterns, that way one could see how it fits different body shapes.

  4. I recently made an owl hat...thought I was NEVER going to finish putting those eyes on! It is almost painful looking at the sleeve pictures and I know exactly how you feel about it not suiting you. There are at least 3 sweaters that I made that looked sooooo cute, but once finished just flat out do not look good on me. Two of them are already yarn that was something else first.

  5. Oh gosh, I'm holding my breath about the sweater... and crossing my fingers.

    The booties are ca-ute.

    I set up my tree this weekend (the first in quite some time) and had a tiny little thought about how I didn't have to worry about cats this year. :-(

    1. Awww :( I'm sorry. I'll tell Edgar to be extra-bad this year, to make up for it!

  6. Edgar does look very sorry about it! He is so cute. And I agree the model must be an A cup or maybe she is actually a he?

  7. Love, love, love those awl booties!!!!! Too awesome!


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