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Monday, November 26, 2012

What a boHussy!

I am sooooo close to finishing the Bohus ...

Just the button bands and general tidying up. There's about 2" of rolled fabric in the front to be dealt with. Edging, tuck in the ends, find a fastener for the front ...

Oh, and find some way to magically make the arms 4 or 5" longer. 

I figure I have two choices; either pick-up-and-knit from the medium-purple cuff down a few inches ... or steek the sleeve cuffs, snip them off, pick-up-and-knit from the dark purple part of the sleeve, then re-attach the colorful sleeve end.

What do you, the viewers at home, think?

A: Knit 4 more inches of medium-purple seed stitch border on the bottom of the sleeve cuffs

B: Steek the sleeve cuffs, snip them off, knit more dark purple, re-attach cuffs.

I honestly thought I'd be working on this all winter. Once I saw how close I was to being done, I promptly looked for new projects.

Owl booties! So cute! If you look closely, you can see the first owl head.

Don't worry, the finished product won't have peppercorn eyes.


And I've been spinning. I finished the lovely purple merino, but I don't know how much there is of it.

It's lovely! I'm very happy with it. I think it will have to be a shawl. Something that won't get pulled or tugged too much, because I spun the merino very lightly.

I wanted a big fluffy warm effect.

More of the mixed fiber ... very itchy stuff. Don't know what I'll do with this, but it won't be something worn next to the skin!

And I put my plastic tree up.

I don't like a lot of decorations, as you can see. I like just white lights and a few red splotches.

I crocheted the white garland thing years ago. And over the years I've knitted or crocheted little things to put on it...

Ribbon candy ...

Bells and stockings ...

It isn't very sophisticated, but I am frugal, and I have a lot of yarn.

And cats. I have a lot of cats. Styrofoam balls with knitted covers do not shatter on the floor when a cat bats them off the tree.

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  1. I vote to take the colorwork off, knit more of the dark then re-attach.

    It's looking great.

    Nice to see you spinning too.

  2. Beautiful spinning! And those owl booties are so cute.
    As for the sleeves I would have gone for B if I could steek ;)

  3. Great post!

    Just pick up and knit those sleeves...it will emphasize your color work. Great colors and you will love this sweater.

  4. I think the finished product would look better with the longer dark purple sleeves, but jeez, the whole steeking thing really scares me.

    Merry Christmas! We don't normally get a tree, but I'm really feeling like I want one this year. Perhaps the not travelling has something to do with it. ;-)

    Thanks for the Introverted link... I think you may have posted it a while back.

  5. Steeking = me scared out of my gourd! I vote for adding more to the ends. Know what you mean about the cats. We get a live tree and I swear the second Bella and Sophie see the tree stand come out they start doing a happy dance, because you know, tree water is magical elixir for cats!

  6. I would unravel the sleeve cuff and then duplicate the bottom of the sweater. Or, snip and untink an area around the sleeve above the motifs, knit up or down from there and then graft back together. It can be done. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    1. I am seriously considering the untink option. I wouldn't have to steek, then. I should be able to find the end of the purple yarn with no trouble -- I could pull that out, and unravel the sleeve from the sleeve cap fairly easily. In theory. The colored part is just knit onto the purple part. If I can manage to separate those to pieces, I really think it would work.

  7. Oh, golly....geee...... I hate the idea of cutting into knitting, but I think in your case, it might be the way to go. At least, that's my vote.

  8. Wow everything looks great! I vote you steek the sleeves and add more to the dark purple. It will be a lot of work but so worth it in the end.

  9. I don't know where to start commenting your post. The cardi, the boots, the tree, the staircase? :-)

  10. I love the decorations - and such a nice idea to add more over time so that you've got a history building on the tree :o)

    For what it's worth... I think the Bohus looks great as it is, but if you want longer sleeves then I think snipping into the purple above the pattern and unraveling to get a row stitches you can pick up and knit down would be the closest to seamless. I hope it works whichever route you choose!


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