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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweaterus Interruptus

I was all set to put the sweater on one needle for the colorwork yoke section ... when I realized I forgot to buy a long circular size 9 needle. Never mind that All About Yarn, my LYS, is almost within spitting distance of where I go for yoga classes every Sunday ... and I even considered going to the yarn store for no other reason than to go, this past Sunday ... but, I was feeling strong and virtuous after yoga, and denied myself the visit, for fear that I would buy more yarn. The visit in which I might have remembered that I need a 36" size 9 circular needle.

In any case, one sleeve still needs 12 more rows of armhole-shaping. I'll do that tonight, then perhaps tomorrow I will run into All About Yarn with my eyes closed and exact change in hand and ask the nice lady to get me the needle and not let me buy anything else nomatterwhat. I have enough yarn and unspun to keep my busy for years, right? Right.

Thank you everyone for the commisseration comisseration  sympathy and well wishes for my lingering illness, which I am halfway through an antibiotic course for. Despite the hacking and coughing, I managed to score a personal best in a 5k this past Sunday (yet walking up a flight of stairs nearly kills me). My running friends were off doing the Rock-n-Roll half-marathon in another city, so there was no one to take a picture for me to post ... so just imagine me there. I did great.

I don't really have anything else to post about knitting, so here are some cute animal pictures. 

Petunia, Molly, and Edgar

The green fabric on the middle right is my legs ... I'm under all this cattery

Georgie Girl was jealous

I'm not a very neat housekeeper, and I don't have a problem with clutter, which is why my pictures are never House Beautiful-worthy.  But as you can see, we are comfortable and happy with it. And it amuses me no end that if I set a cloth or towel or any fabric down, it will immediately attract cats.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to stop by Tamis Amis on Wednesday, for WIPnesday!


  1. Beautiful colorwork! I am so ready to get back into the knitting/spinning frame of mind in earnest. Know what you mean about the cats. Anything clean is a magnet.

  2. Lovely sleeves. Hope you can withstand a visit to the yarn shop!! I know I can't. I need to pick up one skein of bright pink, but fear going into the shop will result in more yarn than I need!!

  3. The sweater looks great I hope you remember the needle soon. Your cats are so adorable. I love them.

  4. Can't believe you can run when you're not totally well. I can't run even when I'm well, lol. Love your description of going to the yarn store, been there more times then I can count. Stopping to look, stopping to buy one needle...never works for me. Let me know how it goes for you.

    Adding my link here, as you don't have name and url option open on your drop down. The generic google thing can be a pain when people, like me have multiple blogs....what, doesn't everyone have multiple blogs? lol


    1. Sandy, when I click on your name, it takes me to your profile page and then I can choose which of your blogs to visit!

  5. Thanks for the visit, no clue why your comment is on a 2 year old post though, lol.


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