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Thursday, November 8, 2012


I like to call it "Fair Isle," but I know that is a specific style of color-work, and doesn't apply here ... so I'll just settle for "color-work." This is the sleeve cuff of the Bohus.

The purple seed stitch at the bottom is the bottom of the cuff, and then it goes up to the dark purple which starts the rest of the sleeve. I wet-blocked these to make them look neater.

I'm not happy with the rose-colored blocks in the light pink field ... I don't like how the light pink purls intrude on the rose blocks, but I don't know how to keep that from happening.

From here, I knit in one color in stockinette stitch for 14 inches, then I attach everything on a really big circular needle -- which I have to go out and buy, because all I have is 36" and that is not long enough -- and from there, knit the shoulder colorwork. I have the bulk of the knitting behind me, I think, but the most complicated part is colorwork while simultaneously knitting the yoke. Yikes! Then I will have to block it as one large item.

The plus is that I am home sick all week, with my yearly sinus infection/chest cold, so I have lots of time to knit. The minus is that I hate being stuck inside. I spent a good deal of my childhood alone in my bedroom with a humidifier, stuck in bed, with my mom bringing me trays with food and little cups of penicillin and other medicine, and not allowing me to leave my room except for the bathroom. My classmates would send me a box of get-well-soon cards, but the teacher only let them write "get well soon," and nothing else. Isn't that a funny memory to have! That big box of cards, but no personal message. Here I am a few decades later, with the humidifier and a nasty cough, thinking of those little handmade cards. I am just knitting, reading, refilling the humidifier, and walking the dog a couple times a day. The pets love having me home all day, they pester me for treats constantly.

The other thing is that the cats have taken over the sofa on the rare occasion I leave it.

Fat Petunia, Molly-Glaucoma-Cat, and Edgar Allen Poe

I tell them over and over that since I bought the sofa, I should get to use it too ... but they just yawn and look pointedly at the desk chair. Whatever, Human. There are other places to sit, intiendo?


  1. Oh, I'm sorry you're sick. :-(

    Get well soon. ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear you're ic. If you'd like I can bring you a needle. In any event, take care of yourself and get well soon.


  3. oooh, I hope you get feeling better. Knit time due to illness is never fun knitting.

  4. Wishing you good health soon! And your color work is simply lovely!

  5. Boo on feeling bad. The colorwork looks hard. I have never done any Fair Isle/color work but maybe it is time. Gulp.

  6. Oooooh, colourwork! I'm still not comfortable with it, though I love seeing other people do it! Sorry you are poorly, feel better soon!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your illness. Did anyone ever explain to you why the teacher wouldn't allow the kids write you personal notes?

    Colorwork on the yoke seems like a good challenge!

  8. Hope you feel better soon! It is good that the kitties are there to supervise the healing process. :)


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