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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Went on a Binge

A spinning binge, that is.

These were partly done already; maybe a half-bobbin of each color. Then I stopped spinning for months, because handling wool in the warmer months in a barely-air-conditioned home is just not fun.

Yesterday, I started looking through my Ravelry groups, the spinning and spindling groups, and I was bitten by the spinning bug. I settled down at the long-neglected wheel and spun until I had finished off the purple merino, which I bought at at the 2011 MD Sheep and Wool ...

100% merino from Yarn Barn of ... Kansas? Hard to see the label, and of course I don't have it now.

Several blogs ago I posted about this yarn; I am plying it as a single with a strand of purple crochet cotton. It's beautiful, it looks very wavy and plush. I'll post the finished pictures soon. It's not easy plying thick singles with thread, but it's such a pretty effect.

The yellow and pink was purchased at the last S&W.

I spun the yellow up almost immediately, on spindles, but used the wheel for pink. I finished up the whole thing yesterday, but still have to ply the rest of the pink.

I'm making arm warmers for a Christmas gift for a 7 year old.

Since my socks always wear out at the bottom of the heel, I'm switching to giving arm warmers as gifts.

Here's what the bobbins look like next to an intrusively curious tuxedo cat.

And finally, I Trindled a bunch of Alpaca-wool-Angelina blend. Fiber by Little Barn.

The big Bohus is about 40 rows from being finished. I fear it will be too tight under the arms, so I'm going to have to unseam it there and pick up a few rows to make it looser. I don't know how it will work, though, and still fit in the armholes. It's that, or completely undo a dozen rows, separate the five pieces, and make everything a titch bigger. I really don't want to do that!

 Coraline and her mother Momma Girl enjoy a cozy warm snuggle

And winter has finally settled in over Baltimore. We've been extraordinarily fortunate so far, with temperatures in the 50s (13C-ish) during the day and barely freezing at night. But today it's only in the 40s (5C-ish) and blustery.

Coraline's baby picture. This coloring is not unusual in this neighborhood, where there are a lot of stray black cats and stray orange cats.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. That is a lot of spinning you did, now you can settle into some knitting projects.

  2. Impressive work! Those heat lamps make the kitties warm, I'll bet. They keep our geraniums from freezing, so ditto for the cats.

    Pretty colors, btw.

  3. Look at all of that spinning!! My wheel has been calling to me as well, but so far I have been successfully ignoring it. ;-)

    Coraline is a gorgeous cat.

  4. Gorgeous spinning and cats! I especially love the colour of the fibre you are spinning on your trindle

  5. Ha! A spinning binge is totally a good thing. Everything looks great !


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