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Monday, July 4, 2011

I Can't Believe I Spun the Whole Thing

Ok, I actually spun HALF the whole thing ... this lovely merino was already half spun from earlier, and I finished up the other half, about 4 oz, all in one sitting. It took me two episodes of Bones. My thumbs are sore, and I actually started using the pinky and ring finger on my right hand to pull the draft, instead of pinching it. It spared my right thumb, but the left one is sure sore!

Here is my day 3 Tour de Fleece total:

Saturday was Team of Wonder day, so I spindle-spun some Wonder alpaca on my Zebisis spindle (the light green fiber). This lovely alpaca, a native of Michigan, traveled again to D.C. and back to Baltimore, so it has been around!

Sunday was Team Trindle day, and I spun some natural alpaca I've had as a WIP for months. It's from Pacific Wool and Fiber. I spun two spindles-full yesterday, and plied it today and gave it a bath.

And then today was Team Kromski day, the blue merino. It was not my intention to spin so much at once, but I really didn't want to stop. I have lots more for Team Kromski, so I'm not too worried about running out.

Here, the Trindle ogles his fiber while it takes a warm bath.

Full disclosure: I didn't ply on the Trindle, I put the singles on bobbins and used the wheel to ply. I know that's lazy but I just didn't feel like fighting with the cats. Yarn unspooling rapidly from toilet-paper tubes just about makes them insane, and it's tough to spindle and fend them off!

I know I only made such great progress because I was off work today, and the tour has just started so my enthusiasm is high. I'm a bit more concerned about the amount of yarn I'm going to have piled up, waiting to be knitted --When's the next Knit Olympics? Crikey!

I'm off to roast some garden fresh vegetables for dinner!

(Not roasting the cucumbers, obviously, they just happen to be in the shot!)


  1. oooh, I didn't know that my fiber was so well traveled. Your veggies look delicious!

  2. The fiber liked the Metro ride best. All sorts of people staring at it, wondering what was going on!

  3. Lovely spinning, the blue is especially gorgeous


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