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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What to Knit Next ...

This is (most of) my sock yarn stash. Okay, this is half of my sock yarn stash. Well, really, it's just -- you know, it doesn't matter how much I have, does it? Joanne's was rearranging their entire store, and they kept having sales, and I kept stopping in "just to see what was there." Like I don't already know Joanne's stock like the back of my hand.

Anyway, I finished the button socks:

I didn't remember to take a picture of them outside until it was dark, so here they are in the unflattering glow of the murky twisty-light-bulb lamp. They're awesome ... and too warm to wear in July, so off to the closet they go until October or so.

I can't wait to cast on another pair of socks. Hopefully by the time it gets cold again, I'll have a nice fluffy pile of socks to choose from, in a lovely rainbow of colors.

Tour de Fleece didn't go as spectacularly as I had hoped, but that is mainly because my thumb became too sore to spin. I didn't want to push my luck, so I backed off. I spun every day, just not much. The best part of TdF has been the two new techniques I learned; spinning with beaded fiber, and cable yarn.

Here is the orange-and-yellow I mentioned last post ... the yellow is Merino, and the orange is Corriedale.

 It really isn't quite right, though; I need to give the 2-plies a LOT more twist, to get that "beaded" look that true cabled yarn has.

 I love it anyway, though. It reminds me of this:

 There are tiny orange sunflowers coming up underneath these lovelies. Once those are visible, it'll be even more wonderful to look at!

I swear the package said they would grow "3 - 5 feet." If I stand level with them, they are over my head, and I am 5"6.

Since I'm talking plants ...

Up until two years ago, I grew tomatoes here in the front yard. But they were so messy, and so many fell into my neighbor's yard, that I started growing them only in the back yard. Of course, you know what happens, though; every spring, a hundred or so tiny tomato plants come up here from all the fallen tomatoes. I pulled up some, re-planted some, but decided to let this one grow.

My, it got big. 14 lb doggie shown for scale.

Isn't July fabulous? Gardens just grow themselves.

Regardless of my love of gardening, I'm still looking forward to Autumn. Autumn is my favorite ... perfect knitting weather!

I can't wait to get out my handknit scarves and socks and hats and sweaters and head off to the woods for a chilly walk.

Molly Cat does not agree with my love of cool weather ... but then again, she doesn't know how to knit. 
Happy Fiber Arts Friday, everyone!


  1. I LOVE the orange and yellow yarn. I hope your thumb heals. I can't imagine not being able to knit or spin.

  2. Doesn't that sock yarn just make you happy? And the orange-yellow is GREAT! Made me smile.

    A wink back at the cat...

  3. I love the orange/yellow yarn too! So happy and bright.
    I have tons of sock yarn too. I joined Socks That Rock first sock of the month club and never got around to using any of it. Thinking of doing other things besides socks with them. Or not!
    Haven't decided yet!
    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  4. Yum, such a bright wonderful combination you've used in your cabled yarn, really nice! Can't wait to see where this gets knitted up! Wonderful pictures as always!

  5. Oh fall!!! I love fall. Love the orangish yarn too.

  6. Love that orange and yellow-and yes, fall is the best time of year-for me its the wool festival here in Sept. And cooler days.

  7. Your sock yarns look so nice together, beautiful colors! I'm all for sale yarn -- if they discontinue a color, that's the best time to collect them in your stash ;-)

  8. Oh, what a lovely stash of yarns! You'll have plenty of choices when that Fall weather does arrive!

  9. We'll wait for autumn together. I'm truly over this hot weather. I can't believe how many things I've seen today in blog posts that were yellow and orange. Your yarn looks great and good for you trying a new technique or two.

  10. So many socks this week. It's definately inspiring. I am getting close to starting a pair for myself. I have sock yarn balled up and am circling around a couple of patterns.

    I love your sunflower. Mine are taller than me too.

  11. Love that yellow and orange yarn - so bright and sunny!

  12. I'm with everyone else on loving the orange/yellow cabled yarn. That's definitely a technique that appeals to me; you look like you're doing a good job with it, bum thumb notwithstanding (and sorry about that!).

  13. I am in love with your orange and yellow yarn. I think it looks absolutely delicious! I am really impressed with your sunflowers. Did you put fertilizer on them? They are huge and they stand so erect! Do you save the seed for the birds?

  14. I'm glad to see the yellow-and-orange yarn was viewed favorably ... I was afraid it would be thought too garish! It's so very cheerful, I have it next to my computer so I can see it, instead of in the basket. It's getting a diva complex from all the attention!

    Tamara, I didn't fertilize the sunflowers, I was surprised by how much they grew. But I am a heavy hand with watering, and they get lots of sun ... there is green garden twine keeping them from flopping over. The birds are already helping themselves to the seed, right off the plants!

    Thanks, everyone!

  15. Mmmm, lovely sock yarn. Beautiful socks and yarn too they lovely bright yellow and orange is great


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