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Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Learn Something New Every Day!

Okay, it's new to ME, anyway. I happened to be walking through Joanne's today, not really intending to buy anything, when I saw this book ... I've heard it mentioned in glowing terms, and decided I would buy something after all.

So I rearranged everything I was already carrying and added it to the stuff in my arms that I wasn't going to buy, and continued on my way. I browsed through it at home, and found it very interesting. I was intrigued by the section on cable plied yarn -- it's just two-or-more-ply yarn plied with other two-or-more-ply yarn, plied in the opposite direction.

So you spin your singles clockwise, then (for example) make two-ply yarn spinning counter-clockwise. Then you take two or more of the two-ply yarns and ply them clockwise. It makes a sharp, defined yarn, and I really wanted to try it.

 The book says "make sure the yarns that you are using have been overplied...(94)."  So I dug up some blue merino, and re-plied it to tighten it up. I ran it all through my new yardage meter, and got 130 yards of each shade of blue.
I swear I ran each through the meter. My math skills are not great, but I promise you I can count to 130. I have no idea why there is so much more of one. 

I can't explain it.

Anywho, I plied it as tightly as I could bear ... it was difficult. I had to fight my natural tendency to ply loosely. 

The darker blue took a much tighter twist.
I loaded them up on the Lazy Kate, and took off. 
I could tell immediately that I was going to like this yarn.

It has a lot of energy. And I'll say this, when the bobbin started getting full, I had a hell of a time. The 4-ply kept leaping off the bobbin. I kid you not.

(See the flip-flop there? I can't spin while wearing shoes. Is that weird?)

I had two major tangles -- I took my eyes off the bobbin for two seconds, twice, and both times, calamity resulted. I should have taken a picture of that. It was Epic Snarl. I even had trouble wrapping it around the niddy-noddy, that's how energetic it is!

Anyway, 4-ply really fills up a bobbin fast.

And here is the reason I usually use the Lazy Kate on the wheel, and not the free-standing one.

(Ignore the wine cork on the floor. The cats are heavy drinkers.)

Here is some of the finished product! I love it! I haven't washed it yet ... It's so springy I'm afraid it will leap out of the bath and knit itself.

I want to try this next with four different colors of yarn, or two 2-plies, like orange and yellow, that are different enough to really stand out.



  1. The ayrn looks wonderful, think I am going to have to give that technique a try.

  2. That is beautiful! tehehe, I love that your cat is a heavy drinker ;-) Not weird at all regarding being shoeless. I actually don't know any spinners who wear shoes. When I was at festival last year I had a lady hunt me down because I left my boots next to the wheel and stepped away...she just searched for the shoeless shop owner.

  3. Beautiful job and great color! That is funny about not wearing shoes while spinning; it is organic, right!!??

  4. I don't wear shoes when I'm spinning either.

    Frankly, if I can get away with not wearing shoes regardless of where I am or what I'm doing... they come off.

    Of course, I love shoes and have a decent sized collection. ;-)

    I think your cabled yarn is awesome!


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