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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sweet Temptation

I received a lovely package in the mail today, from KnitPicks. Sock yarn, sock blockers, a yardage counter, and a darning egg. 

This yardage counter is great. It is mechanical, not even battery operated, so it didn't cost too much.

Isn't that neat? I have always wanted a yardage counter, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I got the KnitPicks catalogue in the mail a few days ago, and the counter jumped right out at me. So did the darning egg. And I'd been wanting sock blockers. And as I was paging through the catalogue, the sock yarn in the middle, the greeny-purply skein, literally leaped off the page at me! Literally! It wrapped its tentacles around me--okay, now I'm exaggerating. But it did catch my eye. 

I filled my shopping cart with the darning egg, sock blockers, 1 skein of yarn, and the yardage counter ... and that was where the trouble began. Because I saw, written above the shopping cart icon, these fateful words: 

$8.77 more and you qualify for free shipping!

Really? Free shipping? FREE shipping? So, guess what I did. I spent another hour browsing the webpage, trying to spend $9. Thus the extra two skeins of yarn. They get me with that every time. I suspect even if it said another $435 and you qualify for free shipping! I would still convince myself that it would be a bargain to get free shipping. 

I am sorely tempted to start in on that skein of yarn, the lovely purply-green one. Even though it's Tour de Fleece, even though I have three WIPS, even though I have one sore thumb and a slice on the other (Yes, Melissa, next time I'll believe you when you tell me the mandoline is sharp and I ought to use the safety holder), I still want to cast SOMETHING on with that lovely yarn! It's practically shouting to be a lovely Autumn wrap of some sort. I'm trying to resist, but it isn't easy.


Side Note: Yesterday, my friends' 2 month old baby was formally baptized into the Orthodox Church of America, in a lovely fourteen hour ceremony. 

Just kidding. It was only an hour. It was a Greek Orthodox Church, so it was an ancient ceremony ... casting out the devil, spitting at the devil, full body immersion (not the face), and the priest, godmother, and candle-bearer (Melissa, what is the formal name for M.'s role in the ceremony?) dancing triumphantly around the silver Baptismal font afterward. William Henry, after baptism, was put into a lovely white suit and we all went to dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant in Baltimore City. I don't think that's necessarily part of the ancient tradition, but the restaurant was nearby and we like to eat with our fingers every now and then ;-)

Other news: High yield in the garden!

This was a hard picture to take, because Edgar Allen Poe Cat decided that the green fringe around the sunflower was meant to be eaten. I had to take the sunflower head away from him three times. He's a funny kitty, he will eat any plant (except African Violets, phew). If I put lavender in a vase, he pulls it out and eats it. I sprout grass for him all the time ... he likes his weed, he really does.

Happy spinning/knitting/gardening! 


  1. Whatcha get from Netflix? ;)

  2. oooh, I may need to get the yardage counter...I just got my catalog too. I'm the same way about free shipping, tehehe.

  3. Gotcha on the "only $8 for free shipping"!

    When I read the 14 hr. ceremony, I was amazed...then realized it only felt like it was that long.

    Your garden is prolific! Enjoy!

  4. I'd probably be tempted by the free shipping as well, especially if it wasn't all that much more than the actual cost of shipping.

    Great stuff from the garden :)

  5. I really want one of those yardage counters too. Actually, I want a LOT of stuff from the latest Knit Picks catalogue.


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