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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Smithsonian Folk Life Festival 2011

Today, my friends and I went to the annual Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. The focus country this year is Colombia, the music was soul, and the organization celebrated was the Peace Corps. There was more to see than I can describe, but I will include what caught my eye. There was a lot of weaving, both plant and wool. Lots of mats, bowls, hats, etc, and the yarn weaving was rugs, bracelets, tapestries.

Rather than go through and describe everything -- which I can't because I didn't take notes, just pictures -- I will just present the photos and you can enjoy them :-)

My friend Melissa-of-the-Five-Children wrote up a  blog post with a slideshow from her perspective.

I did a little spinning for Team Of Wonder. In the car on the way to the Metro station, on the Metro, and on the Mall after lunch. I will do a bit more tonight, but today's totals aren't much! I was coated in sunscreen, and didn't want to get any on the fiber.

Happy Tour de Fleece, and a belated Fiber Arts Friday to all!


  1. Gorgeous photos! I am jealous that you got to see so much weaving...and so many different techniques. Hey, you spun a little...that is meeting the day's requirement.

  2. I was just writing a post of my own with pictures from the Peace Corps exhibit - and the same thought occurred to me: the photos are better than trying to describe everything we saw. I'll make sure to send people your way to see more through your pictures too! Wonder if we can get linked up with the Smithsonian site. I especially like your first shot up there. Neat perspective!

  3. Fab photos - looks great fun :)


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